All Things Beautiful…

Something I have learned about myself is that I absolutely adore ALL things that are beautiful.  This simple thought explains several things about me:

First, the deep devotion, love, and admiration I feel for my parents and a few close friends. They are beautiful.

Second, my obsession with my Google reader (which allows me to keep dibs on all the amazing blogs that constantly post beautiful things!). 

Third, my extra special obsession with Style Me Pretty, which I have recently discovered, and although I am no where near planning a wedding, it makes me drool with ideas. 

Fourth, a deep desire to purchase expensive pieces of furniture and decoration for the future home I have imagined in my mind.

And though I could continue to list, my final point is that it explains my desire to make something out of this blog, even though I have no idea what.  I have yet to discover what my perfect, lovely theme could possibly be.  My favorite blogs are those with a strong purpose, rather than the fleeting thoughts of a random girl.  So this is something I am working on…finding a lovely, creative consistency on this, my piddly little blog.

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