Things I am morally opposed to, yet love.

1. Splenda

2. Walmart

3. Diet coke

4. Processed Cheese

5. Taco Bell

6. Driving to work all by myself, and taking long drives whenever I so choose.

7. Watching hours of TV on end…only from time to time though.

8. Trashy magazines and gossip

9. Rap music

10. Staring people down, also known as “people watching”

One thought on “Things I am morally opposed to, yet love.

  1. For myself, I don’t like movies or TV shows that use Jesus’ name as a swearword; so I think “The Princess Bride” is very funny, but I don’t like watching it – and haven’t for years – because in the middle of the movie, in one of the interlogues between the grandfather and the sick kid, the kid blurts out “Jesus, Grandpa!” when the grandfather is going to stop reading.

    It’s the same with several other, otherwise excellent, programs, like Clint Eastwood’s movie about the marines at Iwo Jima – “Flags of our Fathers.” Too much abuse of Jesus’ name and much of it was gratuitous anyway.

    There’s enough garbage going on in real life without having to let it in volitionally.

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