Paint Job Makeover

Sometimes, you need a little pop of color. But you are renting your house and you might not be allowed to paint some of your walls with bright, fun colors. In our new home, we have a small bedroom that is being used as an office. To use it as an office, we seriously needed some shelving. So, I bought a really inexpensive bookcase off of craigslist, and some $4 spray paint from Lowes, and VOILA!





Because it’s a cheap, laminated board, I used a fine sandpaper block to rough up all the surfaces first. I’m honestly not sure how much it helped, but it definitely didn’t hurt. You’ll also notice I pulled the little sliding doors out of the bottom shelf as well. I bought a spray paint that was primer and paint in one – this helps the paint adhere to a challenging surface. When all is said and done, it’s far from perfect, but it will definitely add some color to our little office space. Happy projecting!


For this Fun Friday entry, I just have to share with you some lovely little color combos I’ve stumbled on lately.  Style Me Pretty consistently inspires me with color palette love, and though I’m nowhere near getting married, I love to wander over once in a while and see what’s new on the scene.  A few of my recent favorites…

A circus themed wedding with a lovely pale palette. 

The joyful colors in this summer wedding just make me smile.

We all know I love a good green or teal, but this elegent and bright combo takes the cake.

On a darker note, this Iowa Wedding color pallette is rich with wine colorings.

My Sunny Rose Garden Room

As you know, a little over a month ago, we left our beautiful Kenner home and moved about ten minutes away.  And we all know what moving means: buying stuff!  It’s an especially great excuse for some new bedding and a new color scheme.  After buying the best color scheme book in the world, I chose the theme that jumped out at me most, titled “Sunny Rose Garden.”

The light yellows, pinks, and greens made me so happy, and I just couldn’t resist it.  I decided, with my mom’s help, to return to my younger days by painting my room pink.  Call it a quarter-life crisis, but the idea of going ultra-girly with my new bedroom just sounded wonderful.  There is some lucky guy out there who won’t have to have any pink rooms when he marries me, because I’m getting it alllll out of my system now.

So after FINALLY getting it all set, just how I want it, I’m here to share some pictures with you!  I have a few ideas of things I would still like to get for the walls here and there, but for the most part it is set and settled.  It’s proven to be one of the most calming and happy retreats that I have.  I hope you like it as much as I do!

And, for fun, a few of the rest of our new house!

Primary Color Fondant Birthday Cake

I have yet to experiment with fondant (but it WILL happen…eventually), and I would’ve been crazy to interfere with the rhythm that Carli & Andrea go going as they created a fun and bright birthday cake for Spence.

With Duff’s prepared fondant, you couldn’t go wrong.

Just roll, cut, and apply.

Some lessons were learned, and I would say their first fondant attempt was extremely successful…and delicious.  I mean, how can you go wrong when you make  the best frosting in the world?

Check out that sweet swirl!!