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A Beautiful Evening {wine and cheese}

As I mentioned Tuesday, my roomates and I had a wonderfully classy wine and cheese party last weekend!  Here are my favorite shots.  I was so proud of the way everything looked!  Roommate Kate ingeniously put flowers not just in wine bottles, but in wine glasses too.  The grapes in wine glasses and pears on… Continue reading A Beautiful Evening {wine and cheese}

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Baked Brie, Round Two {and other cheeses}

Oh yes, I certainly do LOVE cheese. And I posted several weeks ago when I made baked brie for the first time. Well guess what! I made it again. Two, in fact, for a wine and cheese party we hosted this weekend. One with fig, one with raspberries. And they were such a hit! It's… Continue reading Baked Brie, Round Two {and other cheeses}