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Changing Perspective {slow but sure}


If you’ve spent any time milling around my blog, you know that I am constantly trying to discover new ways to improve my health and wellness through nutrition, fitness, faith, and general positive thinking. And slowly but surely, I’m noticing a change in my inner voice. It’s less harsh. It’s more encouraging. It’s more thoughtful. In OTHER words, I have been way kinder to myself lately. The idea that my body and mind and life is unique, and that God created my body and mind and life to serve Him and to love others is soaking deeper and deeper into my bones. I updated my kitchen chalkboard (above) to remind myself when I’m wandering around my kitchen aimlessly. Feed my body because I care about it. Workout for my body because God gave me only one to use while I’m here on earth. While I have a LONG WAY TO GO before everything I do is truly for the GLORY OF GOD, I am beginning to reap what I’ve sowed through years of studying The Word, being in a faith community, and surrounding myself with loving and Christ-loving people.

So whatever it is you are struggling with today – whether it’s health and body image, or something totally different – ask yourself if you’re doing it for the Glory of God. And then go dive into some good ol’ community!!


April Ab Challenge

Oh gosh you guys! I wrote this yesterday and never hit publish…woops! Well here is a one-day-late April challenge for you…

I keep a “workouts” folder in my Dropbox where, over the years, I’ve thrown random workout plans, challenges, and PDFs. Occasionally, I look through it. And the other day I rediscovered this little 30-day challenge, and I was all like, hey April is 30 days! And THEN I was all like, hey maybe my blog readers want to do this with me?

So here we are. I’m not promising I will actually accomplish all these but hey, I’m gonna try! I’m also trying to guilt my hubby into doing it with me by taping it to the wall. I plan to put an “M” next to each one I do so he can see my awesomeness and want to be like me. Right, honey? 😉

Anyway, here you go! Do this with me in April, and I’ll give you a big high five in 30 days!

30 Days of Abs