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Nostalgia {x100}

This weekend, I road-tripped myself down to Nashville LIKE A BOSS. The hubs was out of town on a fun, long weekend, so I decided to bring the Pupster Ryman along with me for the ride. She loves playing with my in-laws’ mini-doxie, Minnie Pearl. While this photo is a bit deceiving, since it took her TWO HOURS to settle in, I just have to say how much I love this little bugger and how much I miss her. She’s staying the week with the in-laws and Ms. Pearl since we are planning to drive back down again on Easter weekend.


Once she arrived, she settled in quite happily to the sunshine of Tennessee, and her and Ms. Pearl got right to playing…

Nothing better than sunshine and barking at squirrels…
Two little rascals.

Meanwhile, I was in town for a Chapter Leadership Conference at Vanderbilt. Basically, all the presidents of the Vandy chapters across the country get together to share ideas and learn more about how to be ambassadors to our chapters. It’s a great time!! They put us up in a brand new hotel right across the street from my old college dorms. I stared out my window for a solid ten minutes thinking about all the wonderful times I had in those tall, ugly buildings. Junior and senior year… OH. Cue: I wish I could go back to college.

Oh, Towers.

The night before my graduation, my mom just could not understand why I wouldn’t want to stay in her hotel room instead of in my ugly dorm room, which had already been stripped of just about everything except my bedding, a lamp, and my graduation gown. I just couldn’t leave! I didn’t want to leave!! I was happy to graduate, but it was by far not a very joyous occasion. I was a “late bloomer” as far as college is concerned. Coming in as a naive freshman, it too me a year to get my bearings and another year to settle in. I mean, the first two years were great, but the SECOND TWO YEARS were AMAZING. And they were spent in those high-rise brick boxes pictured above.

The admissions building. The first building I remember seeing on my very first visit to VU.

Being back on campus this weekend felt so special. I worked for the university for the first five years of my career. I took for granted being there every single day. It was my work place more than my alma mater. Now that I’ve taken some space, coming back feels like I am truly revisiting the wonderful place of my 18-22-year-old-self, and I just can’t describe it. If you loved your college experience, then I think you know what I mean. Anyway, cheers to nostalgia, college, and the best of memories. I know that more amazing memories are coming down the road, but man, nothing will ever be quite like those four years. Am I right, or am I right?

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Sad Day in Vandyville

If you follow college football, then you know that Vanderbilt is really hurting from the departure of James Franklin. Not only did he drag it out over several days, but when he left, 1) he didn’t address the fans, other than a quick line in his Penn State press conference, 2) he took almost all of his staff with him, and 3) he took literally all of our recruits away. They have all decommitted. Insane.

The weekend before, we won the BBVA Compass Bowl. I even made these anchor and star cookies!

photo (14)

After that, we were all very hopeful that the rumors would be false and Franklin would stay put. But it didn’t happen, and now the excitement that Vandy was finally starting to have about its football team has been shot down. Sad, sad day.

Thanks for letting me vent a bit. Hope y’all have a great week!

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Billy Joel & Vanderbilt Student

So if you’re here in the Nashville area, you may have heard that Billy Joel was on Vanderbilt’s campus last week. No big deal…But the really HUGE deal is that one very bold freshman music student asked if he could come up and play with Billy, and Billy said YES!

I wish I had been there, but this video of it will just have to do. Also, be sure to check out the article from the Tennessean.


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Tailgating Season

We know it’s the BEST time of year – leaves are turning, humidity is fading, footballs are flying, and grills are burning. Yes my friends, it is tailgating season. And this year, I have committed to making a prettier tailgate experience.

So for our first go around, we had sunflowers, tablecloths, and some delicious treats.

We also hung our Vanderbilt flags and set up not one, but TWO televisions to watch afternoon football games.

And what’s a tailgate without cheerleaders, coaches, and football players walking through…

It was a great success, despite our loss to the Gators!!