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God loves them too. Maybe more.

I have an incredible amount of impatience. And I will be the first to admit it. This can really be a problem when dealing with people who don't exactly match my personality type--I am easily frustrated and disenchanted, and I am quick to make judgements about their choices and situations. But there is one thing… Continue reading God loves them too. Maybe more.

Life As I Know It

Music You Like To Start Your Day

I got in the car this morning to head to work, and would should come on the radio but Michael Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel.  I have to admit this immediately put me into Friday-mode, and I felt pretty energized to start the day.  It's pretty neat that certain songs and certain artists… Continue reading Music You Like To Start Your Day

Thoughts in the Faith

I’ve Been Megachurched.

Until last night, I had never been to a "Megachurch," nor a Baptist church. So I figured, let's kill two birds with one stone and try this new Tuesday-night "contemporary worship service" I've heard about. I was overwhelmed. I have never seen anything like this--the church and parking lot combined were easily bigger than most… Continue reading I’ve Been Megachurched.