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Tech Week

Ahhhh, tech week. Ask anyone who has ever been in theater, and they will cringe at those two words. It’s the week before you open. There are lights and costumes and props and microphones and people all in places there never were before. And you weren’t totally confident in your memorization of lines as it was, and now adding on all these pieces?? Yeah. It’s a little rough.

Tech week is stressful, and in community theater, it’s even more fickle. Our lines and our harmonies vanished into thin air. Half of the microphones don’t work…


We have new props, like this twisted-pinterested Bat Baby…


There is general confusion, hubbub, and mess…



Yes you may notice this does not look like a theater. That’s because it’s not – it’s a local office building. But we are in the beginning phase of transforming it…All this and we open on Saturday. So much fun and so little sleep!!

And if you’re in Columbus, PLEASE come see Bat Boy: The Musical so all of this is not in vain!!! 🙂

Columbus Adventures

I’m Finally in a Musical Again!

After a five-year hiatus, I’m finally rejoining the world of community theater. WOOT.

I was never the lead in high school, but by senior year, I was cast as the comedic supporting role…and loved it!! I remember thinking, “Oh my gosh, I think I’m funny…” This whole time I had thought I wanted to be the ingenue, only to learn I REALLY just wanted to make everyone laugh and totally steal the show from the ingenue… I know, I’m a bad person. It’s cool.

In college, I joined the amazing group “The Original Cast,” and continued doing musical theater just for fun. My favorite roles, still, were the funny ones… Like Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre. I did occasionally play that good ol’ ingenue role, but often felt like I missed out on that little spunky punch I love about comedic roles. After graduating, I did a few community theater productions, including How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, Seussical the Musical, and a local writer’s new show entitled Call Me Home.

Then I got a new job, which included travel every other week, and community theater just wasn’t a possibility. It’s been on hold for five years now, and finally, my travel has reduced enough that I can make it work. So, I auditioned, and got in! Hooray! Community theater is a funny thing, where EVERYONE knows EVERYONE. Breaking into that little world is definitely a tad challenging, but hey, I’m just happy to be connecting and getting re-started.

In early August, I’ll be in Bat Boy, put on by Emerald City Players just outside of Columbus.


I admit, I have actually really loved this quirky musical since I first saw it in high school the music is fun and clever, and it’s a totally ridiculous plot based on that 1990’s “Weekly World News” article about a half boy, half bat being found. HA! It’s what you might consider a “cult musical,” which is perfect for a summertime community production.

There are four main characters, and then the rest of the ten-person cast (so six of us, if you’re bad at math) play two or three characters throughout the show. I’ll be playing Ruthie/Ned (oh yeah, most everyone plays a guy and a girl at some point). No matter who you play, you’re on stage a lot and you’re singing a lot! Who could ask for anything more? 😉 Seriously, can’t wait to dive back into that rehearsal grind, plunk out some fun new harmonies, and utter the words, “I can’t – I have rehearsal” on a regular basis. Happy Friday!

Life As I Know It

The Spelling Bee!

Nerd Alert! The hubs and I watched a few pieces of the National Spelling Bee Championship yesterday, and it was seriously so entertaining. Seeing all these little personalities and how freaking SMART these kids are was incredible, and their little mannerisms and reactions to things were beyond endearing. It wasn’t as boring as this yawn indicates…

I think this article from CNN really sums up the top five moments. Dev was our favorite…Click this tweet to see how proudly he went out!

I was NEVER good enough at spelling to get past our middle school’s spelling bee, but I did know a girl who went to DC once, so that’s cool, right? However, watching the BEE did sort of takes me back to my days of pretending to be a ridiculous spelling be contestant in our performance of “25th Annual Putnum County Spelling Bee” with my college’s musical theater review group…

Me, circa 2006, as Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre aka Schwarzy.

It was also a little bit crazy to see how many of these kids REALLY HAD THE QUIRKS that this zaney group of college kids embodied on stage that year. So thank you, spelling bee, for stirring up memories that have nothing to do at all with a REAL spelling bee, but have everything to do with awesome friends and an awesome time in my life.

And if you’re bored, you may recognize Jesse Tyler Ferguson in this video from his Broadway days… Enjoy your musical theater Friday!! You’re welcome.

Daily Notes, Life As I Know It

“Call Me Home” A New Musical

Ok, a little self promotion.  If you are in the Nashville area, you’ve got to come out and see this brand new musical: Call Me Home written by local Nashvillians Rick Seay and Kevin Fogarty, opening July 24.


It’s an amazing story of a house and the generations that live within it.  From 1831 when it was built, to the Civil War, to the Depression and modern times, the stories of the families in its walls will be sure to touch your hearts!

The rehearsal process has been such an incredible experience.  This is a cast comprised of some of the most talented (and entertaining) people I’ve met!  One thing that drew me to audition for this show was the chance to be a part of something new–part of the creative process.  I know I wasn’t around for pre-readings and such, but just being a part of rewrites, new ideas, and experimental songs has been an amazing opportunity in itself.  I love being at rehearsals.  I’ve always found a lot of joy in being a part of productions, but this one has already found a special place in my heart.  For me the characters I play allow me to grow as an actress and a woman.  From the joy of Priscilla, to the anguish of Elizabeth, to the giddiness of Pauline, the women I have been charged to embody are women of strength, love, and depth.  What a blessing!

Check out the website with a few rehearsal pictures and blog entries.

Post show update: Two photos of me in “Call Me Home.”

Life As I Know It

Jersey Boys Love

Okay, so I was sceptical.  Everyone I knew raved about Jersey Boys, so I gave in and decided I really wanted to see it.  And I saw it.  And it was amazing.  Like, so amazing I can’t explain it.  Generally, I am a sucker for the stories of musicians, be it Walk the Line, Jersey Boys, what have you.  I love seeing the tie from song to song, and knowing where that came from.  But mostly, I love these songs.  These songs make me want to live in the 50s-60s.  I am in awe of the voices not only of the original Four Seasons of course, but of these men–these present day men–who are getting up there and singing taxing numbers for hours and days on end, and who sound so incredible.  The cast we saw last night could have been the Four Seasons.  They had the vocal style and the choreographed moves at the mic.  I cried twice–“My Eyes Adored You” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”.  And if you still aren’t convinced, just take a look at the original cast recording, and then tell me it wouldn’t be incredible to see these numbers performed just like they used to be, with the sounds, the costumes, the style, and the moves.  I just…  Amazing.  Check out the website and the videos under the “media” section for a little taste.