Columbus Adventures

Picnic with the Pops at the Columbus Commons

I’ve been wanting to go to a Picnic with the Pops event ever since I moved to Columbus, and recently I finally made it happen!

I happen to be the President of my alma mater’s local chapter (mostly because I needed friends when I moved here, and starting a chapter seemed like a good idea). The school wants us to hold one educational or cultural event each year, so we had the grand idea to have a music professor visit us. And it happens that my favorite professor from college is a music professor, and was the biggest mentor and cheerleader for our musical theater group. He also happens to be world-renowned in the academic musical theater world…so who better to bring to Ohio? Oh, and he also happens to be originally from just outside of Columbus.


We had a nice little crew of 16 alumni and friends attend, with an amazing catered dinner. I HIGHLY recommend the whole table and catering thing! See everyone in the back who had to arrive early just to get a decent lawn seat? Yeah…not us!

IMG_8205 IMG_8207

Pink Martini was seriously awesome. Their lead singer, China Forbes, was the epitome of style, grace, and smooth jazz. She seemed sooooo effortless and so comfortable sharing her talents with us. It was seriously so awesome. Their music is incredibly eclectic, and they tied stories in to many of their pieces.


All in all, the whole Picnic with the Pops experience proved more than entertaining, and Pink Martini is possibly my new favorite music group. I would see them again in a heartbeat!!

Life As I Know It

My Summer Reality {TV}

I always say I don’t really watch reality TV, but then I realized that’s a complete lie. In the summer, that is ALL I watch. All of the dramas and comedies I watch all year go off the air, and suddenly I’m left with reality “reality” television. But hey, it’s great background while I work on summer projects and write blog posts.

So a few of my favorites…some because they are actually really intriguing and inspiring, and some because…they are just trainwrecks.

1. The Briefcase

SUCH an interesting concept. The bummer is you can only do it for one season because there is a big ol’ twist. Now that it’s aired, I don’t think they can do it again. The basic premise is that two families in need each receive a briefcase with $100,000 and have to decide if they want to keep it all, keep some of it, or give some of it away to another family in equal or more need. They find out little bits about the other family over the course of 72 hours, but they DO NOT KNOW that the other family is deciding about them, too. Then they have to meet each other and share what they have decided to give. WAY more fascinating than I thought it would be. Check it out!

2. Extreme Weight Loss

I have always loved this show. What makes it special to me is seeing one person’s journey over the course of two hours. Each episode shows us the whole year of weightloss for that person, and it fascinates me to see the emotional and physical struggles that a person has to go through to really truly change their lives. It’s inspiring, challenging, and I feel like it’s an important message to all of us to take care of ourselves!

3. Food Network Star


I love a good food competition, but this is my favorite – whoever wins gets their own show on Food Network. This year, I’m rooting for the guy from Nashville, Arnold, because I’ve been to his restaurants AND THEY ARE AWESOME. He’s the chef or owner or something at PM, Cha Cha, and Suzy Wong’s House of Yum. He also does drag, which just makes him super entertaining. Go Arnold! Go Nashville!

4. The Bachelorette / Bachelor Pad

THIS IS THE ONLY ONE I’M KIND OF ASHAMED OF. Especially this season, where Kaitlynn is just a huge hot mess. No wonder they keep advertising the movie “Trainwreck” during the show. But whatever…this is the LEAST “real” of the reality shows I watch, by far.

At least I don’t watch the housewife shows??

Columbus Adventures

Yellow Springs, OH

Over the weekend, the hubs and I went on an Ohio adventure with a couple of our friends. A small town called Yellow Springs was hosting their annual Street Festival. Yellow Springs only has about 3,500 residents, but this festival had over 250 vendors, with plenty of food options spread throughout. We had a great time exploring the many MANY tents of unique items.



It was a SERIOUSLY HOT day though, so on the way home we made a stop at Young’s Jersey Dairy Farm to get some AMAZING ice cream.  IMG_7771

And also to feed these guys…IMG_7773



Watermelon Margaritas + Memorial Day

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a great weekend with my dad. And then on Monday, after he left, I spent the afternoon with some friends grilling out and enjoying the weather. I brought Ryman over as well, since one of my friends had his two Dauchshunds. Meeting each other was a little iffy, but once everyone settled in, I think they had a fun day playing! And Ryman has pretty much been out cold ever since…


Also, as promised, I have a DELICIOUS margarita recipe for you. In fact, it is a WATERMELON MARAGARITA. HELLO. I know it’s not the prettiest picture, but that’s life, guys.


Watermelon Margaritas

3 cups watermelon

2 cups tequila

1/2 cup lime juice

1/2 cup orange juice

3 tablespoons sugar

large pinch of salt

Blend it all up, and pour it over ice!! You could also blend it with ice, however watermelon has so much water in it, that even blending it with ice doesn’t make it very “slushy,” so I recommend just skipping the blended ice and serving it on the rocks. Garnish with a lime and/or watermelon wedge!

Life As I Know It

Meghan Trainor of Nashville

It’s no secret that there are about a million and one young people in Nashville trying to “make it,” whether that’s as a singer, songwriter, or a performer. And there are tons of successful songwriters who you will never even notice, because their music is sung by the really big big shots. At only 20-years-old, Meghan Trainor (high five on spelling of your first name!!) has taken a step from songwriting to performing with today’s release of her first single, All About That Bass. The song is catchy, and definitely the perfect fun summer song. Mostly, I just love her voice. It’s unique enough that she doesn’t have to live in the songwriter world for the rest of her career if she doesn’t want to. Can’t wait to see what else she comes up with. Enjoy this fun, summery video! Happy Monday!

Wistfully Whimsical Wishlist

Minty Favorites

There are a few colors I’ve been really into, but mint might be the favorite among them. Here are a few of my recent favs! Click each image to be directed to its original page.

First of all, this adorable necklace from Tiny Hands is SCENTED! And, did I mention, adorable? I would wear it forever except then I would probably eat more ice cream than I already do.


Who doesn’t love chevron these days? I’m loving this sweet little dress from Style Gather.


Oh hey, J Crew! I don’t always love your stuff these days, but this belt would go with oh so many things… yes please!

Jcrew Belt

Of course, a tote. I somewhat desperately need one, and this non-neutral from Robert Matthew Fashion would go with just about anything.


Gotta represent my favorite store – the good ol’ Banana. These soft wash shirts are SO COMFORTABLE and I love it in this color. Can you say summer, or what?


Last but not least, I would love this bathing suit from Victoria’s Secret for my delayed honeymoon coming up in August. However, I’m not so sure it would look quite like this on me… mostly because I’m pasty, of course. Not at all because I’m a perfectly normal, curvy size 6…


And that’s a wrap. Do you have a favorite summer color this year?

Columbus Adventures, Life As I Know It

My Summer In Ohio…

…Is not like this, thankfully, in spite of my love of Sherie Rene Scott and The Last Five Years.

However, it’s off to a great start! The weather has been hot then cold then rainy, and I have yet to spend a weekend here, however I have already begun the exploration of good restaurants and great shopping, with much more on the horizon.

I am without my computer charger this week, so I can’t promise many photo updates (other than a few iPhone shots here and there), but I CAN promise to keep you posted on my settling into Columbus, as well as my wedding planning in the final weeks. 19 days to go!