Conquering the Snooze Button

Happpppppy MONDAAAAAAAY!! I've learned that 95% of my workouts have to happen first thing in the morning, or they won't happen at all. Often, particularly in the Midwestern winter months, that means finishing a workout when it looks like this outside: But you just have to do it. You just have to get up. And… Continue reading Conquering the Snooze Button

Life As I Know It

Self-Affirmation & Self-Control

Feel great, act great, and approve of yourself. I love a good mantra. This one comes from this great psychology article, which discuss the connection between self-affirmation and self-control. We are a society that constantly promotes and challenges self-control. As the article points out, we know from tons of experiments that people who practice self-control lead… Continue reading Self-Affirmation & Self-Control