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Dream Catcher {DIY}

Did anyone else make dream catchers in middle school, or was that just a Wisconsin / mid-western thing? I know I went through an obsession much like I did with friendship bracelets, and to be honest, the skill sets overlap quite a bit.

I recently made this sweet dream catcher for Charlotte’s room, in hopes of warding off any bad dreams. Maybe it’s the fact that I hung it over her crib, or the fact that I know sprinkle multiple pacifiers in her bed each night, but either way – she’s been sleeping better lately, I swear!

What you’ll need to make your own:


1. Wrap your hoop with your ribbon or leather of choice, leaving enough at the end to hang your finished product from.

2. Tie one end of your sinew to a starting point on the hoop. It is a little difficult to describe in words, but you need to loop your sinew around the hoop to make your initial knots. If you made friendship bracelets, you may remember making a “4” shape – this is similar. (If you are a perfectionist (I am not… sorry!), you may want to measure the spacing between each new knot to ensure even spacing of your webbing. You can also just eyeball it.)

3. Once your first round is complete, you repeat the process by tying your sinew to the center of each previous section. You continue to work your way around, keeping each section as tight as possible. Along the way, you can add pearls or any other decorations.

4. When you get to the end, you just make a tiny knot and cut the end off. the beauty of using sinew is that it is slightly sticky and makes good, strong knots.

5. Finally, tie on ribbons, feathers, flowers…anything you want to make it your own!

There are so many examples of gorgeous dreamcatchers out there. Click around in Pinterest and get inspired!

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A Valentine’s Day Round Up

I confess, I have never been all that into Valentine’s day. Don’t get me wrong – middle and high school was wrought with butterflies-in-stomach as I wondered if my longtime crush would finally say something or if I, in fact, should make the first move. In college, it became awaiting packages of smidgens from my dad or a care package from my mom. As serious relationships ebbed and flowed after college, some years were memorable and some were less so.

Three years ago, after dating for only one month, my now husband drove all the way from Murfreesboro to Nashville, with flowers and a vase he’d bought and arranged on his own, made friends with our office janitor, got into my office, left said flowers and a card on my desk, and got back to Murfreesboro in time to teach at 8:00 a.m.

I’m preeeetttty sure I already loved him at that point, anyway.

And it was the start of a new era – an era where I love Valentine’s day more because it is an excuse to make things that are pink and shaped like hearts than it is a special holiday. My husband and I have so many things to celebrate throughout the year that truly, this is simply another day to be together, which is A-OKAY with me!

I confess, I haven’t had time to make much valentine-y stuff this year, so here are a few of my favorites from the past! Click the photo to see the original post. I hope to make something new over the weekend!

Valentine Chocolate Scones

Valentine Scones

Valentine Sewn Paper Tea BagsValentine Tea

Valentine’s Cupcake Wrapper WreathValentine Wreath

Valentine Heart PieValentine Pie

Valentine Present WrappingValentine Present

And of course, NEVER forget about Amy’s Caramel Apples…



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House Craftings

I had a great weekend of getting little projects done around the house. I hung a few more things on the walls, worked on organizing the office aka “room where I have thrown everything I didn’t know what to do with.” You may recognize a few things here…and please forgive the iPhone photos. (Let’s be honest…in the age of the iPhone, it’s just so much EASIER than getting out the heavy equipment!)


Like my window pane, which doubled as a seating chart at our wedding. I decided it needed a pop of color but I’m not ready to commit to painting the frame itself, so over the weekend, I made a little trip to JoAnn’s and picked out some pretty little teal and white fabric. And then I broke in Jonathan’s new staple gun.

IMG_1177 IMG_1176 IMG_1179 I have to admit, it was kind of fun. And now my window pane is so much more colorful!


I also added a little (matching) color to a small mirror and chalkboard I hung in our breakfast nook. I’ve really felt like the kitchen needed some color, so this is just one step in that direction.



For now, I sort of love having little wedding memories around the house. This chalkboard is one of those memories…I will wipe it off eventually, but for now, it’s a very happy reminder of a fabulous day ๐Ÿ™‚

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Painting Projects

Before moving on with my office touch ups, I had to make / upcycle a few pieces. In my office, there is a yellow wall. As you know, I have already hung a blue and white curtain. So now, we are sticking with the blue theme. With me so far?

Here’s what I’ve bought:
2 mirrors from Goodwill (one for $5 and one for $10).
2 12×12 canvases
1 can of blue spray paint
1 roll of tape

That’s it! I already owned four cheap picture frames as well. They stood no chance against the spray paint.

Step 1: Tape everything up…lots of tape, lots of paper.

For the canvases, I taped a few strategic lines out.

Step 2: Spray away.

Step 3: Remove the tape!

Not too shabby, I’d say! Next step will be decorating my office with my new blue pieces.

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Crafting Calendar

Am I obsessed with all things calendar & organization related? Yes.ย  YES YES!!

So why did I never think of this before?ย  Simple, but with the new year I’ve created a bit of a “Crafting Calendar” for myself.ย  I have not yet made it into something pretty, but the point is that it EXISTS and if I share it with you, my crafty friends, it will me help me stay accountable.ย  You may find many of these items on my 101 in 1001 list if you look closely!!

Without further ado…

January: Learn to knit and proceed to make a baby hat (okay, I did learn how…I just haven’t finished one quite yet)

February: Take a sewing class, purchase the rest of the materials for my t-shirt quilt, and begin prep work (I’m taking this class on WEDNESDAY!!)

March: Finish my t-shirt quilt!!!!

April & May: Make a dress (gotta put the sewing class to really good use)

June, July, & August: Create the scrapbook of a lifetime of my college musical theater days with the bajillions of photos I recently ordered–that’s six semesters of musical theater photography GALORE.

September: Make a purse (will be sewing goddess by this point)

The end.

Yes, the list ends in September.ย  I am working under the assumption that either a) I won’t have finished all my projects yet and will need some catch up time, or b) I will have discovered more hidden talents and crafting joys that I will want to work on.

So, feedback?ย  Any additional projects you’d like to see happen?ย  Any experience with or wisdom about some of these new projects that you would like to pass on to me?

Happy Crafting Monday!ย  Craft on.

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Journal Project

Though I love keeping journals, I, like most people, am very bad at keeping up with them. I always start out strong and die out by the end of the month. I recently read a great idea, however, from The Happiness Project about keeping a “non-journal.”

The concept is simple. Find a journal with at least 366 pages and write the date at the top of each, without the year. Then, anytime something significant happens in your life, find the page coinciding with that day and make a one or two sentence journal entry, along with the year. It will take a lifetime to fill, but just think of how neat it is to look and see what else was happing on this day other years, and to see your life fill with meaningful memories.

Search though I might, I have yet to find a journal with at least 366 pages. So I went to one of my favorite online shops, Etsy, where you can purchase handmade items from crafters around the world. I sought out the journal folks, found one I really liked, and asked her if she thought making a journal for this new project was reasonable.

Not only did journal junky make me my own personal journal, but she made me FOUR. Yes, I now have my own handmade journal for each season of the year. I can’t wait for a rainy Saturday to fill it up with days and sketches of the seasons. Please check her out and check out my pictures of the journals she made me!

8.30.09 002

8.30.09 018

8.30.09 015