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{Megster Meter} Likes

I'm so glad that Kate challenged me and a few others to name our five favorite things right now. But man, this was tough! I love so many things that I see every day. So here are a few of my favorites today. And how about I pass the challenge on? Katy, Christine, and Ashley,… Continue reading {Megster Meter} Likes

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Crafting Monday: Bridal Rehearsal Ribbon Bouquet

At a recent bridal shower for Juju, I offered to take up all the ribbons to make a rehearsal bouquet.  If you aren't familiar with this tradition, let me fill you in.  You are supposed to take all the ribbons and bows from your bridal shower gifts, attach them to a paper plate with all… Continue reading Crafting Monday: Bridal Rehearsal Ribbon Bouquet