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Holiday Favorites {Photo Dump}

Over the holidays, we spent six nights in my home state of Wisconsin, and then six nights in my hubby's home state of Tennessee. We spent most of the time with family, a few friends, and each other. It was relaxing and also long enough that by the time it was over, I was very… Continue reading Holiday Favorites {Photo Dump}

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Family Photo Shoot {party of three}

Recently, I had my first family photo shoot, and I am happy to share a few of the results with you today. There is no better time than the fall time! If you'd like to look at the full shoot, or any of my other photos, be sure to check out my little portfolio page.… Continue reading Family Photo Shoot {party of three}

Daily Notes, Picture Taking Time

A Beautiful Evening {wine and cheese}

As I mentioned Tuesday, my roomates and I had a wonderfully classy wine and cheese party last weekend!  Here are my favorite shots.  I was so proud of the way everything looked!  Roommate Kate ingeniously put flowers not just in wine bottles, but in wine glasses too.  The grapes in wine glasses and pears on… Continue reading A Beautiful Evening {wine and cheese}