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The Lady and Sons {a.k.a. find Paula}

Last week, I got to travel to Savannah for work. Having never been there before, I made sure to research and plan out my free time in advance. I knew I wanted some of that good southern cooking, and I really wanted to see all the weeping willows and old buildings and all that good… Continue reading The Lady and Sons {a.k.a. find Paula}


Pecan Pie {And Other Thanksgiving Deliciousness}

I suppose it's kind of unfair for me to post dessert pictures after issuing the 21-day challenge, but forgive me...because this pie was delicious. Save up your calories, and make it for Christmas! I completely stole this recipe for Chocolate Pecan Pie from none other than Paula Deen herself, so please do not be shocked… Continue reading Pecan Pie {And Other Thanksgiving Deliciousness}