Life As I Know It

Gifts of Paper {First Anniversary}

I LOVE gift giving. Like, really really love it. Maybe it's because I have incredibly thoughtful parents who still send me occasional packages out of the blue. Or the fact that I pride myself on making some notes throughout the year of gift ideas for my people, and love the look of surprise when they… Continue reading Gifts of Paper {First Anniversary}

Daily Notes, Mmm...Food...

Homemade Heart Shaped Marshmallows

Yeah this happened.  What is it, you ask? Oh, it's just a giant, pink, heart-shaped marshmallow.  No big deal. Another Carli & Me endeavor.  I honestly can't even remember which recipe we used...Maybe Alton Brown's.  Most recipes are pretty much the same.  It's getting creative with flavors, colors, and sprinkles that made this so fun. … Continue reading Homemade Heart Shaped Marshmallows

Creative Crafting, Daily Notes

Holiday Wine and Cheese Party Invitations

Now that we have Thanksgiving behind us, we can officially move on to CHRISTMAS.  And, in celebration of the season, we will be hosting another Wine and Cheese Party.  But this won't be your typical wine and cheese...oh no, this will be a CHRISTMAS Wine and Cheese Party.  Get pumped. To get everyone in the… Continue reading Holiday Wine and Cheese Party Invitations

Creative Crafting, Daily Notes

Crafting Monday: Desk Space Makeover!

So, when my mom was in town a couple weeks ago, we decided it was time to clean up, reorganize, and cute-ify my desk space, making it an ideal place to do both school work and crafts.  Everything we did was easy and cheap, and it made a world of difference!  Let's take a look...… Continue reading Crafting Monday: Desk Space Makeover!