Life As I Know It

January 2016 {1SE}

My creative project for the year is going to be capturing just one second every day using the 1SE app, and compiling them into monthly snippets of my life… Remember that time I did this for about 5 months? I LOVED the result. What I loved most about it is what it meant to me – it was a sweet reminder of the little moments. Even cooking dinner at home or walking the dog became a special part of my day to day.

So to kick it off, here is my January! I plan to upload these videos to you monthly, and then I’ll compile one big 2016 at the end of the year. Cheers!

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One Second Everyday

In July, I discovered what was soon to be one of my favorite apps of 2014. One Second Everyday. (Almost) every day, I took little videos of my surroundings, starting July 24. Some days it was just the TV show I was watching, or my puppy, or my dinner, or whatever. But that’s just my life…not always terribly exciting! But I really had fun piecing it together over time.

Locations in this video include: Columbus, San Francisco, Nashville, Orlando, Negril, Atlanta, Chicago, Savannah, Tampa, Sarasota, Lexington, and Milwaukee.

And one more note. While the very last shot – over midnight on new year’s – may be a tad quick, I want to point out that while our cousin said “Happy New Year!” his very pregnant wife said, “He kicked!” about the sweet baby in her belly. Kind of a cool way to ring in the year!

More of these videos to come in the future…I hope you enjoyed my little life video.