Lamps and Books {office touch up part two}

It might sound silly, but have you considered how a few great books and a couple of lamps might cozy-up your office? I bought two matching lamps at Old Time Pottery, and brought my grad school books into the office. Just adding these lamps and books added such a nice personal, warm feeling to the office.

Here is one of the lamps I bought – a little bit retro, but definitely classic!

And, my small but solid collection of grad school books. Any ideas for what else should go on this bookshelf?

The Window {Office Touch Up Part 1}

Well, today is my first day in my new position! I am a huge dork and want to make my office feel like a cozy, warm work space. So I sneaked in over the weekend to start to think about what to do. First step was just to add a little curtain. It might not seem like a lot, but it’s a great way to frame my beautiful view of campus. One of my office walls is dark yellow, so I picked a blue and white curtain for the window. I just tacked on half the window and pulled it to the side. I opted out of doing two panels, because while I want a good accent, I don’t want it to look like a living room window, and I don’t want too much darkness surrounding the view.

SO, here’s what it looked like when I first came in:

And here is my view with the curtain!I know you can’t see the color of the curtain very well, but I was ready to get out of there. More to come!

What do you think? Do you dig it?

Crafting Monday: Desk Space Makeover!

So, when my mom was in town a couple weeks ago, we decided it was time to clean up, reorganize, and cute-ify my desk space, making it an ideal place to do both school work and crafts.  Everything we did was easy and cheap, and it made a world of difference!  Let’s take a look…

Here is the before picture:


And here is the after…


Three floating shelves from Target
Three coordinating fabrics
New ribbon
Scrapbook paper
Four embroidery hoops

With all this, plus what I already had, I:
-recovered the seat of my chair
-made simple curtains for my little shelves next to the desk
-covered my silver magnet/pin board with fabric
-put paper in embroidery hoops for the wall
-“ribboned” some jars (and will soon be covering the lids with fabric)
-laid cute piles of fabric and ribbon on my new shelves
-and you may notice, I switched the two side cabinets. Not a big difference but it worked out better for what I wanted (moving the printer farther from the entrance and making more space for the lamp and other items on the left)

Here’s a shot of the shelving section..sorry the lighting was bad!  It was at night but I just had to get some shots to share!