Daily Notes

“Fireflies” in Life and Lyrics

One of my fondest memories of home is of my mom and I taking summer walks at dusk, just as fireflies started showing up in the yards around us.  What child hasn't been completely and utterly fascinated by fireflies at some point?  What adult, for that matter?  I even made the glowing firefly juice at a… Continue reading “Fireflies” in Life and Lyrics

Life As I Know It

Why I Hate Being A Girl — Part 1: MOODINESS

I want to start by saying that I am NOT of the belief that all girls' moodiness can be blamed on pms.  I'm just putting this out there--yes, it affects us, but guys, please do not let every tear and every bitchy remark get blamed on that time of the month.  It's totally untrue. I happen… Continue reading Why I Hate Being A Girl — Part 1: MOODINESS