Meet Charlotte Ruth

I love love LOVE hearing a good birth story. But…this is not that post. Sorry! The long and short of my birth story is that I got induced, said yes to all the drugs, and then delivered this miracle weighing in at 8 lbs, 9 oz, on 10/18/17. I am grateful every day that she is healthy and seems to be adapting to life pretty splendidly.

5 months old

This blog will not solely be about being a mom, but I’d be lying if I said it isn’t going to come up pretty often. But today, I truly just want you to meet her! She spends her 8-5 in our neighborhood at the home of an angel-sent-from-God caregiver, along with a handful of little buddies. There, she is learning to make friends, sing and dance, and generally how to be a kid. Here’s a quick collection of the pictures that melt my heart.

And now, at 16 months old!

As of writing this post, she has recently learned how to REALLY walk and even run a bit. She kisses your face by opening wide and giving a big lick. She loves pillow fights and dancing and reading books. She REALLY loves berries – like they-are-going-extinct sort of love. And she has two parents who enjoy the work they do and who are trying really hard to raise a good person.

You’ll see her show up on this blog and on instagram, usually under the name of #CRRtheBabe.

I’ll leave you with this unfiltered snapshot of how we all feel about Mondays.
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Door County in March

Last weekend was my mom’s birthday! As a kid, I always got such a kick out of the fact that her birthday was March 7 and mine was September 7, exactly six months apart, “but different years!” I used to joke. Obvi. Here is my favorite embarrassing photo I’ve posted of her…

Some years we don’t get to celebrate birthdays together, but some years we do! Three years back for a certain special milestone birthday, we made our way to Charleston. We both loved that trip, but due to my mom’s genes, leading to a bad hip, she couldn’t get around as much as she wanted to. Since then, she’s had her hip replaced, I’ve moved to a new state and gotten married, and this was the first trip we’ve had where we could relax, shop, drink wine, and just hang out! The chaos of the last few years seems to have subsided for now.

Life As I Know It

Happy July 4th! {2014}

I’ve said it before, and again and again, but the 4th of July in my hometown in Wisconsin is a pretty big deal. I think my love for it stems back to the time of this photo, which I’m thinking was my first 4th of July…not sure (is that what a 10 month old looks like? Or 22 months?). Either way, it’s one of my first.


For a number of reasons, I haven’t been back for the 4th since 2011. Before that, I think I had only missed one. Here’s me and my mama in 2011, approximately 23-24 years after the photo above…


We have always loved this day SO MUCH, and I am thrilled the Hubster is finally experiencing his first true Wisconsin 4th of July. Eeegads!!! Pictures to come next week, I’m sure. Enjoy your day of freedom!


Life As I Know It

March 7 is the {second} best!!

March 7 is both my amazing mama’s birthday AND my half birthday. This day is second only to September 7, which is my birthday and my amazing mama’s half birthday. Everyone is supposed to love their own birthdays better than anyone else’s, right? Also, this year, September 7 will also be the end of my first 101 in 1001 list. Monumental indeed. Have I confused you yet?

All these confusing words are to simply say: Today is super special!! It is the day of my mother’s birth, back in 19xx. The last time Mom and I spent her birthday together was my freshman year in college, when my spring break fell over March 7, and I spent that week at home. And though I’m not spending today with her, I WILL be flying home to Wisconsin on Thursday for a 3-day weekend with ma mere. This trip will involve a cooking class, a long half marathon training run, shopping, and hopefully a lot of chill time.

First though, this grown up girl of hers flies to Providence for a three day professional conference. So, Nashville to Providence, and then finally Providence to Milwaukee. Phewie! What a great week this will be.

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Knitting a Scarf

Yes, it’s April.  Yes, it’s been somewhere around 80 degrees lately.  But I have always wanted to knit or crochet my mom a scarf, and so I began my venture back in January.  The scarf you are about to see was intended to be a birthday present for my mom on March 7.  However, she received it on April 7 upon her arrival in Nashville.  To try to bridge the one month gap, I spread ALL of her birthday presents out so that she received one gift per week from March 7 – April 7.  Is that sly or what?

Regardless of the timing or the temperature, my mom loved her knit scarf.  It’s soft, about three-months long, and made with lots of love.  Hopefully next winter in Wisconsin won’t feel so cold!

Just check out all the love in those details!

And yes, a lot of knitting happened in a lot of places, including airports, rush hours, lunch hours, bean bag chairs, and ski trips…

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Picture Thursday: To Mom Love Meg

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day, and though this post may have been more appropriate then, why not put up this fabulous photo on Picture Thursday?  So here’s to my mom, who took me in as a baby and has blessed my life with love.  In honor of her and of Mother’s day, here’s a flashback of my childhood and my mom’s unconditional love via my chubby cheeks and my mom’s awesome glasses.  Maybe this is why I’ve always LOVED the 4th of July parade…