Life As I Know It

Throw Back Thursday: April Edition

I've been feeling nostalgic lately with my trips back to Nashville and with my timehop app bringing up some MAJOR blasts from the past. Not to mention my favorite Buzzfeed yet. But timehop only covers your standard social media does not pull in my past blog posts. And for me, since I began writing… Continue reading Throw Back Thursday: April Edition

Life As I Know It, Traveling Chick

Nostalgia {x100}

This weekend, I road-tripped myself down to Nashville LIKE A BOSS. The hubs was out of town on a fun, long weekend, so I decided to bring the Pupster Ryman along with me for the ride. She loves playing with my in-laws' mini-doxie, Minnie Pearl. While this photo is a bit deceiving, since it took… Continue reading Nostalgia {x100}

Life As I Know It

Super Throwback Thursday

I don't really participate in the TBT thing. I really should, considering how much I enjoy flipping through old photos and reliving fun moments of the past. But last weekend was like if you took every throw back Thursday that I have not participated in and rolled it into one massive throwback weekend. I went… Continue reading Super Throwback Thursday

Life As I Know It

Two-Year Blogiversary {Link Love}

Two years have flown by since my first (and lamest) blog entry! But I have LOVED having not only an outlet for my thoughts and projects, but also a way to track the time.  Has anyone else noticed that after graduating college, time begins to fly at an exponential rate? I swear...I mean, it's August… Continue reading Two-Year Blogiversary {Link Love}