Because Brunch.


Y’all know I love a good brunch. I ESPECIALLY love hosting a good brunch! Recently, I hosted a Sunday brunch for the ladies of my small group at church. Eight of us around my hubs’ grandmother’s table just makes me so happy!

IMG_7792I turned the usual “bar” area of the dining room into a coffee and juice bar, which really worked out well. See the flowers? Those were sent to me at work the week before by my hubby and they are still going strong and are a beautiful addition to the house!!IMG_7793

If you’ve been around my blog a while, you’ve probably also noticed my love of baby’s breath. It kind of works out that it’s one of the cheapest flowers out there, so comes in very handy when sprucing up the place for a little event like this. Sunflowers also happened to be my absolute childhood favorite – my dad and stepmom can attest to my bedroom that included a sunflower comforter, yellow walls and dresser drawers, and sunflowers stenciled EVERYWHERE.


It was a potluck brunch, but as the host I really wanted to be sure to have some main courses ready to roll. Eight people = quiche. Perfect! I made my usual recipe with a few veggies swaps, and added these mini bell pepper slices on top for a little visual prettiness.


And also bacon. And sausage.

IMG_7790 (1)

Everyone brought AMAZING dishes, and we had such a great time just chatting about jobs, marriages, babies, etc. A very happy Sunday for all of us!


Brunch {Because Mimosas}


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Okay okay, I don’t ONLY love brunch for the mimosas. I love brunch because WHO DOESN’T?? I also love hosting things, as you may know, so I recently said to myself, “Meghan, you should host a brunch.” So I invited a few lady friends over, made breakfast casserole, and set a pretty table.

table flowers1

But THEN I got so wrapped up in chatting with the ladies I didn’t really take any food or chit chat photos – Sorry!! Alas, I hope this provides you with a little bit of brunch-set-up inspiration. I set the bar up as well, and I promise, OJ and champagne did make an appearance…bar1

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Baked Brie, Round Two {and other cheeses}

Oh yes, I certainly do LOVE cheese. And I posted several weeks ago when I made baked brie for the first time. Well guess what! I made it again. Two, in fact, for a wine and cheese party we hosted this weekend. One with fig, one with raspberries. And they were such a hit! It’s amazing how much everyone loves this simple and satisfying appetizer! So here are a few photos of our lovely cheese and wine arrangements…9.11.09 (21)

Note my new cheese knife my mom bought for me!!

9.11.09 (10)

9.11.09 (19)

9.11.09 (46)

9.11.09 (33)

9.11.09 (41)

9.11.09 (9)

Come back for Picture Thursday to see more picture of our set up!

Daily Notes, Life As I Know It


Which is more difficult for you–leaving people or having people leave you?  For example, is it easier to see out of town guests leave your home, or to return home after a trip?  Or is it easier to host a party and see everyone leave at the end of the night, or be at one and drive home at the end of the night?

To me, both has pros and cons, but for some reason leaving people is so much more difficult for me.  I ALWAYS have a harder time returning to Nashville from home than I do seeing my parents leave after visiting me, even though I am always sad, either way.  Likewise, the feeling of driving home by myself from anything late at night just brings me down.  I’m still not sure why, though I guess when people leave my house the calm is refreshing and I’m able to focus on cleaning up and going to bed. 

This is just something I’ve noticed about myself lately.  So are you better in people-leaving-you situations or at people-leaving?