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Cap City Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon

So remember that one time that I ran a half marathon and I hated training but I loved race day? And I said I’d never do another and then I said maybe I would do another? Well I decided probably I will never do another. For real. But over the weekend I DID complete a Quarter Marathon, which is about 6.6 miles. And for the record, it is MORE than a 10K…it’s like a 10.5K. Or something. Whatever, it was long and plenty of running for me. If I could occasionally challenge myself to a 10K OR quarter marathon, I will feel like a real athlete. Kind of.

Okay so anyway, the race. It was the Cap City Half Marathon / Quarter Marathon / 5K. It was a PERFECT day. Cool at the start but sunny and warm by the end. The race was well organized and a fun route. The announcer at the start line was full of energy, reminding us of “The Golden Beverage of Beer that awaits you at the finish!” Here is a quick photo recap of our race experience:

Overall, I completed the race in 1 hour 12 minutes. And I didn’t walk! I mean, some of that last half mile was a pace so slow it was basically walking, but many millions of thanks to Kelsey who stuck by the whole way and kept me running. I have been training, but running is just SO BORING when you’re alone. So on my longer Saturday runs through my neighborhood, I would often stop to walk because a) running is hard, and again b) running is boring. So I was pleasantly surprised by what my body was capable of. I did not feel fabulous at the finish, but hey, I pushed myself! Go me!

Anyway, if you need a fun race to do in Central Ohio, definitely check this one out next year. Maybe I will see you there!

Life As I Know It

Marathon Monday

Or in other words…”thank goodness it’s finally May” Monday.

I must admit — all of April, I really just wanted it to be May. Because May means camping. And Steeplechase. And another grad school semester finished. And more importantly, May would mean that my first half marathon was COMPLETE.

So here we are. It’s May. And all of those things are true. But I have a confession…

Half Marathon Day was FUN!

“SHUT UP!!” I hear you saying fromย  your desks. And trust me…I KNOW! I never thought I would utter those words either. While I knew it would be a lot better than all of our painful training runs, I had no IDEA I would like it as much as I did. So much adrenaline and people watching and accomplishment in just a couple short hours. So, SO very cool.

And while all of April I talked about my “first and last half marathon,” I’m now to May, thinking, “Well…maybe one more sometime.”

Team Barefoot before the race (and HUGE THANKS to all of you who supported us!!)

A very sleepy but very loving boyfriend there for support and encouragement.

My mom! If she hadn’t booked her flight like, a year ago, I probably would’ve quit training back in January. Thanks mom!!

Roomie Katy! My daily motivation to get up at 5:30 and get. it. done.

A very excited, very ready to run, me.

We’re tired, but we’re DONE!