Grandma Betty

This weekend, my family and I are preparing to celebrate my grandma’s life. After over ten years of struggling with Alzheimer’s, she is finally at peace.


At my cousin’s wedding a few years back.

My cousin asked me to give her one word to describe grandma. My word: playful. My grandpa never loved playing games, and neither did my mom, so that usually meant it was me and grandma playing Rummy 500 (or sometimes 1000…or 1500…), The Game of Life, Tiddlywinks, or even working on a puzzle together. This is how I will always remember her, happy and teasing.


After my last Original Cast performance, senior year of college.

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease. I remember when it was just starting, and she knew she was forgetting things. It was heart breaking. Later though, it became a blessing that she didn’t know it anymore. She was happy, even if she didn’t know who you were. She said “I love you, too” no matter what. And she played solitaire and did word search puzzles religiously to “stay sharp,” she would say. I admire her incredible life and 69-year marriage to my grandfather. We may not have been a huge family, but she raised to amazing girls (my mom included), had five grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. I still love this super-90’s family photo we took – I’m the youngest, down in front, along with my four cousins. (Sorry for the fuzzies…it was a screenshot.)


Family photo circa 1997ish maybe?

Words just can’t express how much we will all miss her. The truth is though, I’ve missed her for a really long time. At least now I know she’s with Jesus, who she loved and taught us to love. So grateful to have had 30 whole years with you, grandma. Be at peace!


On their wedding day in 1946.

A Prayerful Ministry

In our small group the other night, we spent a bit of time discussing how to incorporate “ministry” into everything we do as Christians. How do we do our jobs, treat the people in our lives, engage in the community? Do we exhibit Christ’s love in a way that we are, in fact, creating a ministry out of everything you do?

One friend brought up the point that in circumstances where it seems nearly impossible to minister to others, we always have prayer. If you see someone in need, someone suffering, or someone just living life and you feel so moved to do something to help, you can (at the very least) lift them up in prayer.

I don’t know what you believe, but I believe in the power of prayer.

That said, these are my grandparents:

You might remember them because just last November, I went home to Wisconsin to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary. I can’t begin to say the many things I admire about each of them.

I’m writing all of this to ask you to lift them and the rest of my family up in prayer today, and anytime you feel moved to do so. I just feel like there is no such thing as too many people praying for something or someone. And today, (and tomorrow, and for the unforseeable future) my grandparents and my family are dealing with very difficult decisions regarding my grandma’s health and ability to continue living at home with my grandpa.

I love them, and I so appreciate those of you who tune in to my blog from time to time. I hope it’s a beautiful Thursday where you are, and please know that I am praying for you back!


65 Years and Counting

Last week, my grandparents (Bob & Betty) celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. Married in 1946, they are still going strong in spite of a few health setbacks. The whole family got together to celebrate…

My mom and aunt had corsages made to match their wedding photo:

Most of the family was there!

Including mama and me, of course.

It was a great celebration of two wonderful people.