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No Longer Slaves

Every Lent, it seems that pastors everywhere try to come up with a new twist on the season, or a new approach to their sermons.  And every year, it's generally the same: focusing on Jesus' sacrifice and therefore we make a piddly sacrifice to symbolize The Big Sacrifice.  But last Sunday's sermon made a point… Continue reading No Longer Slaves

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Folding Your Underwear.

I'm warning you now: this analogy might be too much for some of you to handle. If you ever asked me, I would never say that I really dislike folding laundry.  It seems painless, mindless, productive.  Yet every time I fold laundry, I come to detest it.  For one thing, it always takes way longer… Continue reading Folding Your Underwear.

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Inspiration from Nienie Dialogues

After Juju shared this incredible blog with me the other day, I have become addicted. Most of the blogs I read are, indeed, inspirational but hardly any of them are as beautiful and personal as the Nie Nie Dialgoues. What you need to know: Nienie, Stephanie Nielson, is a vibrant 28 year-old Mormon wife and… Continue reading Inspiration from Nienie Dialogues

Daily Notes

Solitude vs. Loneliness

I've written a similar post before, but I stumbled across this article yesterday, which I think does a better job of saying what I was trying to get at. Recently I have discovered something important about myself: my definition of loneliness.  For me, being lonely is being alone when I don't want to be.  It's… Continue reading Solitude vs. Loneliness

Life As I Know It, Thoughts in the Faith

God loves them too. Maybe more.

I have an incredible amount of impatience. And I will be the first to admit it. This can really be a problem when dealing with people who don't exactly match my personality type--I am easily frustrated and disenchanted, and I am quick to make judgements about their choices and situations. But there is one thing… Continue reading God loves them too. Maybe more.

Thoughts in the Faith

Giving your life to Jesus

I hear that phrase a lot: "I've given my life to Jesus." It can be found especially frequently in the stories of those who have risen out of dire circumstances, and become admirable citizens of life.  They have flipped their lives around, committing to goodness and hope.  I love hearing these stories and drawing inspiration… Continue reading Giving your life to Jesus