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Creative Goals {January ~ March}

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I tend to have an ongoing list of creative and household projects I want to accomplish. Sometimes, I stress myself out because I set personal goals that I can't quite finish. So, none of that this year. But I do want to take a chunk of my goals, and have… Continue reading Creative Goals {January ~ March}

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Deep Wednesday: Contributing to Happiness

Anything you are good at contributes to happiness. --Bertrand Russell This is a thought that has woven itself throughout my education and adult life, and it is particularly relevant when considering my place in the world.  For a long time, I thought I wanted to be and needed to be a pediatrician to be happy,… Continue reading Deep Wednesday: Contributing to Happiness

101 in 1001

Megster’s 101 in 1001

THE LIST ended on September 7, 2011. Check out my post to wrap it all up here. I am not known as a fabulous goal-setter, and this list was particularly hard to make because I've spent my months since graduating college checking off a mental list of accomplishments. So there are probably 10-20 items I… Continue reading Megster’s 101 in 1001

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A Little Hope Can Help

Here's an interesting article in this weekend's science news in Science Daily: It features a study that has found a "potent weapon" to fighting depression: hope.  The article's definition of hope is that you have goals, and you have laid out a path to reach them.  This is different, it states, than optimism, which… Continue reading A Little Hope Can Help