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Gifts of Paper {First Anniversary}

I LOVE gift giving. Like, really really love it. Maybe it's because I have incredibly thoughtful parents who still send me occasional packages out of the blue. Or the fact that I pride myself on making some notes throughout the year of gift ideas for my people, and love the look of surprise when they… Continue reading Gifts of Paper {First Anniversary}

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Brown Sugar Body Scrub

I have been determined to make at least one or two homemade Christmas gifts the last few years. This year, Suzann and I made homemade presents for our female coworkers: Brown Sugar Body Scrub. We found the basic recipe over on "our best bites," and how I am bringing it to you, and therefore completing… Continue reading Brown Sugar Body Scrub

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Personalized Koozie Party Gifts + Napkin Folding

Just in time for the fourth of July, here is a great party gift from Carli.  She hosted a surprise birthday cookout for her man this weekend, and as favors to her guests made personalized koozies.  This is absolutely perfect for your cookouts next weekend.  If you have just a few people coming over, then… Continue reading Personalized Koozie Party Gifts + Napkin Folding