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#79 Go On An Adventure {Urban Dare Nashville}

Well, #79 is complete: Go on an adventure outside of comfort zone.  I am not, by nature, the most adventurous person.  Yet I have made efforts in 2010 to branch out a little bit.  So when the groupon for Urban Dare popped up, I said yes.  And just like that, Katy and I became a… Continue reading #79 Go On An Adventure {Urban Dare Nashville}

Life As I Know It

Weekend with Carli {MM Bonus Post}

This post is really just for myself, and for the handful of you who may care.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I just spent a great weekend doing all things girly with Carli, who is currently residing just outside of Chicago.  I just had to share with you a few of my biggest… Continue reading Weekend with Carli {MM Bonus Post}

Daily Notes

Fun Friday Double Feature

I have stumbled on too many things in my world lately not to share at least two of them with you. So first, I bring you a classic. In the world of college musical theater, my friends and I watched this video over and over, quoting from it constantly. If you aren't familiar with 25th… Continue reading Fun Friday Double Feature