Guys, I’m practically a real bowler.

The other night the hubs and I bowled seven – yes seven – games. Why? Because! Because why not.

Generally, I’m a pretty awful bowler. Senior year of high school, in our joke of a PE class, we had three week “units,” one of which was bowling. Every day for three weeks we got on a school bus and went down the street to the bowling alley we all had our 8th birthday parties at and bowled. It was actually kind of cool – I learned about scoring (some of which I have since forgotten) and our teacher even tried to teach me proper form, so I’d stop bowling the ball as if I was swinging a softball bat, across my body. Good times.


Anyway, the hubs and I have bowled on occasion, but this time he actually helped me focus and improve a bit. And in ONE of our seven games, I scored a 121! Woot!! I’m pretty sure my best ever was a 130-something during that three-week crash course in high school.

Anyway, it was really a fun, chill two hours together. And yes, my hand is still sore and my thumbnail got ripped off as it always does when I bowl. Cheers!



I write this post with a big ol’ KNOCK ON WOOD, in hopes of totally not jinxing myself. Even though I don’t even believe in jinxes. But still.

A few years ago, when my friends and I started a fantasy league, I won. I had no idea what I was doing, but I WON THE LEAGUE. It was awesome. But then nobody paid the entry fee and I got none dollars. But still. I won.

I have NOT won since. Not even close.

Well, after two weekends of football, I’m one of only two teams in my league to have a 2-0 record. YAY!! I’m enjoying it while it lasts, because as you can see below, my “points for” (PF) are not the highest by any means. As soon as I play a few high-scoring teams, I’m sure I’ll drop. So for now, loving it while I can!


Do you play fantasy football? Are you lucky at it, or do you actually know what you are doing? I’ll update you later in the season…see if I’m still riding so high and mighty 🙂


Meghan Trainor of Nashville

It’s no secret that there are about a million and one young people in Nashville trying to “make it,” whether that’s as a singer, songwriter, or a performer. And there are tons of successful songwriters who you will never even notice, because their music is sung by the really big big shots. At only 20-years-old, Meghan Trainor (high five on spelling of your first name!!) has taken a step from songwriting to performing with today’s release of her first single, All About That Bass. The song is catchy, and definitely the perfect fun summer song. Mostly, I just love her voice. It’s unique enough that she doesn’t have to live in the songwriter world for the rest of her career if she doesn’t want to. Can’t wait to see what else she comes up with. Enjoy this fun, summery video! Happy Monday!

My love for Kevin Spacey is for real

And if yours isn’t, then you are crazy.

Because I love him so, it surprised me that I did not in fact see the following video until my recent visit to Atlanta, when Katy shared this little gem with me. Now if you don’t know the Jason Derulo song Talk Dirty To Me (*ahem* mom and dad), you might want to listen to it first, if only for a second, in order to truly appreciate what you are about to see.

It also doesn’t hurt that Kevin’s most recent and perhaps well-known role is that of a ruthless politician, which is basically 180 MILLION degrees different from this (I know I know, anything over than 360 is just spinning in circles, but you get my point). Since this video is about a month old and has already had over 4.8 million views (that’s a real number) on youtube, you’ve probably already seen it. But I keep watching it over and over, and it makes me very happy on this Friday.