San Francisco #sfvugirlsweekend

Because every awesome weekend needs a hashtag.

In the last year or two, we’ve all (and by “we” I mean the very very many of us who stuck around Nashville after college) have scattered around the country a bit, with hugs and tears and promises of all of us moving back to Nashville someday and being neighbors and having babies together and all that good stuff. I really, truly truly TRULY hope that happens. But in the meantime, it’s a perfect excuse to travel around the country a bit and visit some of my favorite people.

The lovely KMiller (now an Atlanta resident) and I (now a Columbus resident) recently traveled to visit Christen (now a San Fran resident) for a most fabulous girls weekend. Never take for granted the ease of spending time with good friends, complete with snuggles, wine, and most importantly, cheese.

Adventures of the weekend included…

Katy and I renting bikes to do a little classic touristy Fisherman’s Wharf exploring…

Bike rentals.

Bike rentals.

Pretty boats!

Pretty boats!

This is my artistic lifesaver shot.

This is my artistic lifesaver shot.

Maybe, possibly, two trips to Ghirardelli Square…don’t judge us!!

Nailed it.

Nailed it.

A view of the Golden Gate from this side of things…



Obligatory Golden Gate Selfie!!

Obligatory Golden Gate Selfie!!

And a hike with a view of the Golden Gate from THIS side of things…

I mean.

I mean.

We might have also found a random winery. With tastings. I’m not complaining.

We found a winery...

We found a winery…

And after adventures at the Farmer’s Market and the winery, we made a snuggly homemade meal. Included is….a salad with fresh arugula, figs, goat cheese, and pears. A huge loaf of homemade bread with triple cream cheese (WHA! I know, right?). Homemade salad dressing. Fresh olive oil and herbs. And of course, wine.

Farmer's Market Meal

Farmer’s Market Meal

Yes, we all discussed the choice to wear maxi dresses on the same night…Pictured here from left to right is: Yours Truly, Christen the lovely host, and Katy, my SEC love.

Love these ladies!

Love these ladies!

If you are a lady, with lady friends, in other cities, GO VISIT THEM!! And while Columbus may not be at the top of your travel list…my door is always open to you!!

Wisconsin Wedding Reception {Round Two}

We were so lucky to have not one but TWO wedding celebrations. Four weeks after getting married in Nashville, and celebrating a beautiful day with our family and friends, my family hosted a second party in my home state of Wisconsin. It was such a fun way to celebrate with friends and family who would not have made the trip to Nashville, but who have been such an important part of my life and my parents’ lives over the years. You may not know who these people are…but I’m sharing a few pictures anyway! (And stay tuned for a look at our wedding pictures tomorrow!!)

One of the biggest treats of the weekend was to stay at the most classic Bed and Breakfast in my home town. I have always wanted to stay there, and it was so special to have a mini-honeymoon there!


They were so sweet, and even had a chilled bottle of champagne waiting for us in our room!


And can you beat this view of my favorite little town?


Then, at the party, we used many of the decorations from our wedding to decorate the space. We had great food, gorgeous weather, and so much fun dancing and chit chatting with everyone! We even got my grandma out on the dance floor in her wheelchair. All in all, a great night! DSC_0019 DSC_0020{Welcoming my grandparents}

DSC_0032{Greeting our guests}

DSC_0046{Families meeting each other!}

DSC_0051 {The Pink Ladies 🙂 }

DSC_0061{So many sweet and special words were shared…}

DSC_0076{Dad even got a little teary-eyed sharing stories from my youth}

DSC_0090{It was such a treat to have my mom sing with her old singing buddies!!}

DSC_0101{My silly friends!}

DSC_0105{Happy reuniting!}

DSC_0114  DSC_0125{My sweet daddy}

DSC_0128{My sweet grandpa!}

DSC_0155{Grandma on the dance floor!!}

DSC_0190{Dad, Annette, Jonathan and me}

DSC_0196{Mama, Jonathan, and me!}

The Bachelorette (not as seen on TV)

In spite of my more serious post yesterday, I have to say I’ve had such a blast will all of the incredible showers, parties, and other events that have led us up to this point, just weeks from our wedding day. I just had to share a few fun pictures of the most recent goings-on!


Over Memorial Day Weekend, me and 12 lovely ladies got to spend a long weekend lounging, laughing, and libating (is this a word? doubtful.). I have attended a good handful of bachelorette parties, but I have to say that NOTHING is so special as looking around a room (or lake house) and seeing 12 of the women you love most in the world, gathered to celebrate the changes in your life. There were tears as some of us reminisced about the silliness of our childhood. There were secrets revealed through silly games, and heart to heart moments. There was also, of course, plenty of sun bathing and drink sipping.


Long story short – we arrived at a beautiful lake house outside of Atlanta on Friday evening (thanks to Katy‘s uncle!!) and immediately began chatting and everyone began getting to know each other better. Saturday, we slept in, laid in the sun, went out on a boat, got fixed up, took many prom photos, went to a fancy dinner, and went out dancing. Sunday, we slept in later, laid in the sun, ate sandwiches, and went on a winery tour before eating homemade tacos and playing many silly games into the wee hours. And then Monday, we did the laundry and cleaned up the house before heading back into reality. I really could not have asked for anything more…