State Cookies + Archie Griffin


Sometimes, you just feel like making cookies from scratch. And you have cookie cutters to represent the states you live in. And so you make state-shaped cookies from scratch.


I tried a new recipe – the hubs didn’t love it, but I did! Whenever you are rolling out dough and using cookie cutters, you need to make sure you are using a recipe that won’t rise or puff up at all, because that would jeopardize your shapes. They are already going to look a little wonky – don’t make it worse!


I used this VERY simple recipe from Nestle. I ended up drizzling chocolate on them to make them a little extra sweet, but you could also ice them as they show on their website.


OKAY BUT THEN our department of about 50 people were planning our “Celebrate Archie” day, as Archie prepares for a job transition, which included an Archie “trivia” game with our staff…


And then an ice cream social, with these adorable balloons…IMG_7834 IMG_7838

And I thought, I SHOULD MAKE OHIO COOKIES! So I made these…some Vanilla Almond cookies with a football cookie cutter, and some of the afore mentioned chocolate chip cookies shaped like Ohio, and with a little extra chocolate love. Also I made a LOT more than six, but I forgot to take a photo, and this is what was left near the end…


I think he liked them! I’ll miss seeing this face around the building everyday…IMG_7841

Life As I Know It


I write this post with a big ol’ KNOCK ON WOOD, in hopes of totally not jinxing myself. Even though I don’t even believe in jinxes. But still.

A few years ago, when my friends and I started a fantasy league, I won. I had no idea what I was doing, but I WON THE LEAGUE. It was awesome. But then nobody paid the entry fee and I got none dollars. But still. I won.

I have NOT won since. Not even close.

Well, after two weekends of football, I’m one of only two teams in my league to have a 2-0 record. YAY!! I’m enjoying it while it lasts, because as you can see below, my “points for” (PF) are not the highest by any means. As soon as I play a few high-scoring teams, I’m sure I’ll drop. So for now, loving it while I can!


Do you play fantasy football? Are you lucky at it, or do you actually know what you are doing? I’ll update you later in the season…see if I’m still riding so high and mighty 🙂


Daily Notes, Mmm...Food...

Hershey Kiss Acorns

Acorns are a symbol of fall, but at Vanderbilt, they also seem to be an unofficial logo / mascot. They are all over campus and even embedded in our official University logo. Therefore, this seemed the perfect treat for our tailgate last weekend! Like many great ideas, I found this one on pinterest, and it couldn’t be simpler. I melted a handful of mini chocolate chips right in a baggie, then used it to glue kisses and mini chocolate chips to either side of a nutter butter. Are they cute or what? And the orange ones are pumpkin kisses – how great is that!!

Daily Notes, Life As I Know It

Tailgating Season

We know it’s the BEST time of year – leaves are turning, humidity is fading, footballs are flying, and grills are burning. Yes my friends, it is tailgating season. And this year, I have committed to making a prettier tailgate experience.

So for our first go around, we had sunflowers, tablecloths, and some delicious treats.

We also hung our Vanderbilt flags and set up not one, but TWO televisions to watch afternoon football games.

And what’s a tailgate without cheerleaders, coaches, and football players walking through…

It was a great success, despite our loss to the Gators!!