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Rustic Wreath {Burlap and Pearls}

Thanks for visiting!! Did you know you can buy this wreath on Etsy? Check it out! This was one of my favorite weekend projects to date. I was inspired by this wreath over on etsy, and decided I wanted to make one of my own! The first step was to make felt flowers. You need:… Continue reading Rustic Wreath {Burlap and Pearls}

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Daily Inspiration

I admire the many beautifully inspiring bloggers in the world.  Creature Comforts is hands down one of my favorite blogs to visit alllll the time.  At some point last year, she posted this picture and made it up for grabs...and I instantly made it my desktop background.  I open my computer to this photo every… Continue reading Daily Inspiration

Creative Crafting, Daily Notes

Crafting Monday: Bridal Rehearsal Ribbon Bouquet

At a recent bridal shower for Juju, I offered to take up all the ribbons to make a rehearsal bouquet.  If you aren't familiar with this tradition, let me fill you in.  You are supposed to take all the ribbons and bows from your bridal shower gifts, attach them to a paper plate with all… Continue reading Crafting Monday: Bridal Rehearsal Ribbon Bouquet