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Now is not forever at all…

I don't know where your week is at, but everyone needs some encouragement now and then.  I stumbled on this song on a cd in my car this morning, and it hit me in just the right place.  If you are struggling with anything today, read these lyrics from Jon McLaughlin's song Just Give It… Continue reading Now is not forever at all…

Thoughts in the Faith

I’ve Been Megachurched.

Until last night, I had never been to a "Megachurch," nor a Baptist church. So I figured, let's kill two birds with one stone and try this new Tuesday-night "contemporary worship service" I've heard about. I was overwhelmed. I have never seen anything like this--the church and parking lot combined were easily bigger than most… Continue reading I’ve Been Megachurched.

Life As I Know It

When You’re Lonely And When You Miss People

I think there is a huge difference between feeling lonely and missing someone. People tend to get these two things confused, and it sends them into an emotional turmoil that can be difficult to sort out. Being lonely is a miserable experience. And though I wish it on no one, I'm sure most people have… Continue reading When You’re Lonely And When You Miss People