Kitchen & Dining {Before & After}

I have waited a long time to share photos of our newly remodeled kitchen and dining room! Like with all of our projects so far, I have to give MAJOR kudos to my husband. He gutted our kitchen to the studs pretty much by himself. It’s taken six months, but I finally feel confident saying our kitchen is finished!


The before kitchen had your classic orange and yellow wallpaper, and dark brown cabinets. There was no dishwasher, so we added one in where the refrigerator used to be. We built a new space for the refrigerator, and built our cabinets all the way to the ceiling. We also added canned lights to the ceiling to brighten things up!

Kitch B&A1

There was a wall between the kitchen and dining room that we removed, which has really opened up the flow between the two spaces.

kitch b&a2


In the dining room, we ripped out carpet, painted the walls, and I took the old yellow cabinet you can see in the above “before” photo and turned it into a china cabinet.


Dining B&A1.jpg

So tell me what you think of our bright little kitchen!

Here are a few more goodies from the process…Happy homeowning!

Megoirs {Happy Blogiversary!}


Hey everyone…I’m baaaaaack!! And today, on my six year blogiversary, you’ll see a bit of a makeover on the Megster Meter. For one, I’m switching up the name. After six years of pretty much the same stuff, it’s time for a little something new! The design is still pretty simple, but let’s face it…I don’t have much of a design eye, and I don’t have much disposable income to go paying someone to do it for me. So, here I am. What you see is what you get!

So Megoirs will pretty much be what you’re used to from me: recipes, crafts, health, travel, random rants, etc. I hope to add in a little bit more about the day-to-day of my life, but only when I’m feeling at least a little bit clever. Otherwise, those posts would be a tad bit boring for you.

Please stick around, comment when you feel so moved, and let me know if there is something you really like and would like to see more of. I’m here to ramble about my life please you! And if you’re bored, check out the pages listed across the top of the blog, including “start here,” “recipe box,” and “30 before 30.” Welcome back and enjoy!!

All my lovin,


Under Construction


Hey guys! I’m going to take a little time to work on my blog’s design, appearance, layout, etc. so I’m not going to be posting for a little while. Hopefully I’ll have it all ready to go by my SIXTH blogiversary this August. Craziness!!

In the meantime, head up to the top of my page to check out my food, crafts, photography, and other fun stuff. And definitely follow me on Instagram (@megstermeter) where I will still be posting snippits of recipes and crafts and other fun life things. Thanks for sticking around!

Much love,



photo (14)

Yes, it’s my wedding week, but I just have to share with you all about our big move last week. Even though Jonathan won’t join me in Columbus until August, I was able to move into our house last weekend. So Jonathan and two of his fabulous, brave friends drove up from Nashville with a big (and I mean, the biggest they have) Uhaul full of all our earthly belongings. So I’ve spent the last week or so trying my best to unpack, organize, and make the place start to feel like home.

photo (15)

{Had to get one with Brutus!}

First, let me show you a few walking-in-the-door empty photos. Clean slate!photo (7)

photo (17)

I’ve worked hard, and already gone through so many boxes I’ve lost count.

photo (8)photo (13)

photo (16)

A mess! But now I’m beginning to see the light…Just about everything is about in its place, except of course that there is a lot of wall hanging yet to do…

photo (12)photo (10)

I will be sure to share more photos as I figure out how exactly I’m decorating the house. I’m not much of a decorator…Any tips? Ideas? Volunteers???

The Window {Office Touch Up Part 1}

Well, today is my first day in my new position! I am a huge dork and want to make my office feel like a cozy, warm work space. So I sneaked in over the weekend to start to think about what to do. First step was just to add a little curtain. It might not seem like a lot, but it’s a great way to frame my beautiful view of campus. One of my office walls is dark yellow, so I picked a blue and white curtain for the window. I just tacked on half the window and pulled it to the side. I opted out of doing two panels, because while I want a good accent, I don’t want it to look like a living room window, and I don’t want too much darkness surrounding the view.

SO, here’s what it looked like when I first came in:

And here is my view with the curtain!I know you can’t see the color of the curtain very well, but I was ready to get out of there. More to come!

What do you think? Do you dig it?

My Sunny Rose Garden Room

As you know, a little over a month ago, we left our beautiful Kenner home and moved about ten minutes away.  And we all know what moving means: buying stuff!  It’s an especially great excuse for some new bedding and a new color scheme.  After buying the best color scheme book in the world, I chose the theme that jumped out at me most, titled “Sunny Rose Garden.”

The light yellows, pinks, and greens made me so happy, and I just couldn’t resist it.  I decided, with my mom’s help, to return to my younger days by painting my room pink.  Call it a quarter-life crisis, but the idea of going ultra-girly with my new bedroom just sounded wonderful.  There is some lucky guy out there who won’t have to have any pink rooms when he marries me, because I’m getting it alllll out of my system now.

So after FINALLY getting it all set, just how I want it, I’m here to share some pictures with you!  I have a few ideas of things I would still like to get for the walls here and there, but for the most part it is set and settled.  It’s proven to be one of the most calming and happy retreats that I have.  I hope you like it as much as I do!

And, for fun, a few of the rest of our new house!