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Bluegrass Underground {Round 2}

When the hubs and I had been dating a few months, he drove me over an hour and a half, out to the middle of no where, through total boonies, SUPPOSEDLY to go to a CONCERT and I thought to myself places like this do not have concerts OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE.

But then he pulled up to the Cumberland Caverns, and told me about Bluegrass Underground. There were cars and people and signage, and I felt much better about the whole ordeal.

You can read about that first experience here.


Recently, we went back, and brought a few friends with us.IMG_7917

You guys – it is even more beautiful than I remember! It is NOT a comfy spot to sit for a concert, but it’s worth it for the ambiance. The caverns stay a balmy 57 degrees all year round – I would relate it to going to a hockey game. You’re chilly, but you’re okay. I sipped on apple cider, and all was right in the world.


Also, the artist was really fun. A unique cellist, with an amazing voice, Ben Sollee was entertaining and relatable. Here is a photo from my iPhone, which is about a million times worse than my friend’s amazing samsung photo:


If you are ever in Tennessee, like bluegrass music, and are willing to take a bit of a drive to the middle of nowhere, then I HIGHLY recommend it. Nothing compares!

Life As I Know It

Bluegrass Underground

There are so many hidden treasures in the Nashville area that I do not know about. Lucky for me, Jonathan knows all about these great places, and loves introducing me to them. One of these was Bluegrass Underground, at Cumberland Caves. It is exactly what it sounds like – an amazing bluegrass concert that takes place underground, in the caverns.

As you make your way into the cavern, you follow a path of dim lights until you come out into this beautiful open space. It has seating, a stage, and even a gorgeous chandelier. Because it’s so dark, it was tough to take good pictures, but we did our best!

Coming back out into the heat and sun is a big shock! The cavern was about 56 degrees, and felt great with jeans and a light jacket. Really, it was such a great experience!!