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Best Hangers Ever + Closet Clean Up

I LOOOOOVE cleaning out my closet. Seriously, I’m a freaky nerd like that. I get the itch to reorganize and toss items every few months or so. A few years back, my mom introduced me to these lovely velvet hangers, purchased from Costco. My goal was always to not need more of them…instead, whenever I bought new clothes, I vowed to get rid if items.

WELLLL I’m getting to that point where I don’t have too much to get rid of: my closet is finally full of things I really DO wear, and items I’d consider high quality (for the most part). So I recently needed a few more hangers, and got these from Costco:


Now I’m sure that Sam’s has something similar. In fact, Amazon does too. What makes them so wonderful? Well, your clothes stick to them, so you don’t have things falling off all over the place. They also don’t leave any hanger shoulder marks on your clothes, which is amazing. And finally, they are pretty space efficient. Look how many I can fit into my tiny hands at one time!


I know, it’s a super nerdy thing, but I KNOW I’m not the only one out there who feels a deep sense of satisfaction when their closet is all tidy and organized. See how nice and tight they are? In a perfect world, I would have more space between each item of clothing, I know. But I’m living in a 1920s house with closets the size of a shower stall.

IMG_7732Have you already done your spring cleaning? Any helpful items you just couldn’t live without??


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Working Wish List

Monday will begin a new job! With that new job, I desperately need to do a bit of shopping…for work clothes. I love great, professional clothes but I’m still figuring out what works for my 25- (almost 26-) year-old lifestyle. What does a 20-something professional dress like? Here are some current favorites.

Jackets. I’m learning that a good suit jacket doesn’t HAVE to be the classic look. I love a classic suit – but in the heat of the south in the summer, I just can’t do it. But I am LOVING this suit from Banana. So stylish, feminine, and light.

Shirts that aren’t button downs. I’ve also had in my head that you must wear a collared, button down shirt under suit jackets. False. Look at how great these blouses are from WHBM and Banana.

Dresses. I ALWAYS love dresses. And how gorgeous is this one from WHBM?

Or this one, also from WHBM? A girl can never have too many black dresses, right? All you need is a little jacket to go with it!

And this reminds me…Pencil Skirts. They are my absolute favorite style. Look at this gorgeous creamy color from Banana:

And shoes, of course. I’m sort of tired of the pointed toe – not that they aren’t comfortable, but I managed to DESTROY those pointed toes. So I’m heading toward the sensible heels… I love neutrals right now, like these from Anne Klein.

I ALSO love the idea of a red for winter, and maybe even a yellow to switch things up a little? I’m not good at color!

And so, these are my thoughts. I plan to do a little shopping this weekend, with a focus on jackets and shoes, and maybe shells for under said jackets. Needless to say, my budget cannot buy much WHBM, so if you know great shopping places with lower prices, let me know!

Happy Shopping 🙂

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Little Black Dress of Perfection

Back in December when I was on a shopping adventure/mission to White House Black Market to find the PERFECT NYE dress, I found this amazing black dress. I LOVED it on. But when it came to the perfect party dress, I went with the full tulle skirt and big pink flower.

Yet, ever since, I have kept my eye out for this dress online and in stores, to no avail. And then YESTERDAY, as if a little Valentine angel joined forces with God and WHBM, an email appeared in my priority inbox… Not only is the dress AVAILABLE, but it’s ON FREAKING SALE!

Just saying. Do I need another black dress? Not really. Do I need to spend the money? Um, no. But is it PERFECTION?? Yes. And it looks even better on a girl with currrrrrves than this skinny model chick. I’m sure she’s nice and all but…gross.

Anyway, I love this dress and I’m having a moral debate about ordering it, especially since I already know exactly what size I need AND I EVEN OWN THOSE SHOES.