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Super Throwback Thursday

I don't really participate in the TBT thing. I really should, considering how much I enjoy flipping through old photos and reliving fun moments of the past. But last weekend was like if you took every throw back Thursday that I have not participated in and rolled it into one massive throwback weekend. I went… Continue reading Super Throwback Thursday

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Friendship Bracelets

Remember these? I was 110% obsessed with making these when I was were all my friends. This is just what we did...alllll summer. And this weekend, I taught my little sis (from bbbs) how to make them too. In fact, I found the exact same book that I learned them from. I wonder if… Continue reading Friendship Bracelets

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Today you have the privilege of viewing photographs of my early years.  I found these a year or so ago when cleaning out and organizing my mom's picture collection.  Scanned and saved, I re-discovered them on my computer the other day. Sleepover (me on the right) Birthday! And my high school show choir days, performing… Continue reading Flashback