Daily Notes, Life As I Know It

{Megster Meter} Likes

I've really started loving my "Likes" posts (check out numbers one and two!).  And sometimes, I just know it's time for a new one.  Lovely things can make anyone's day brighter.  So here is a mid-march addition of some items I'm loving on right now... 1. St. Patrick's Day Gourmet Caramel Apples from my hometown...mmmmmmmmmm. … Continue reading {Megster Meter} Likes

Life As I Know It, Mmm...Food...

Something Sweet to Make You Smile

So I've been having a rough week--as has almost everyone I have talked to.  Then here in my inbox appeared an email from my FAVORITE caramel apple stop -- Amy's.  And look!  Adorable Valentine's Day apples!!  Nothing could make me happier, even for just a moment, than pink + the best caramel apples in the… Continue reading Something Sweet to Make You Smile