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Argyle Autumn Wreath

This weekend was autumn perfection. We tailgated in the sunshine. We saw Ohio State beat Wisconsin in the Shoe. We went to church, the grocery, and made chili in the crock pot, and ate it while we watched football. And last night, I made a new little wreath for autumn, out of materials and fabrics I already had.… Continue reading Argyle Autumn Wreath

Creative Crafting

Burlap Runners & Painted Wine Bottles {DIY}

These are two of my other favorite projects. I don't have a lot of photos of them...frankly when you are on your hands and knees cutting burlap, and covered in white spray paint, you just don't feel much like taking photos. BUT thankfully my friends did capture a few shots of my hard work. The… Continue reading Burlap Runners & Painted Wine Bottles {DIY}

Creative Crafting, Daily Notes

Rustic Wreath {Burlap and Pearls}

Thanks for visiting!! Did you know you can buy this wreath on Etsy? Check it out! This was one of my favorite weekend projects to date. I was inspired by this wreath over on etsy, and decided I wanted to make one of my own! The first step was to make felt flowers. You need:… Continue reading Rustic Wreath {Burlap and Pearls}