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Megoirs {Happy Blogiversary!}

Hey everyone...I'm baaaaaack!! And today, on my six year blogiversary, you'll see a bit of a makeover on the Megster Meter. For one, I'm switching up the name. After six years of pretty much the same stuff, it's time for a little something new! The design is still pretty simple, but let's face it...I don't… Continue reading Megoirs {Happy Blogiversary!}

Life As I Know It

Two-Year Blogiversary {Link Love}

Two years have flown by since my first (and lamest) blog entry! But I have LOVED having not only an outlet for my thoughts and projects, but also a way to track the time.  Has anyone else noticed that after graduating college, time begins to fly at an exponential rate? I swear...I mean, it's August… Continue reading Two-Year Blogiversary {Link Love}