Megoirs Is Back!

Welcome to the second life of Megoirs, informally known as Momoirs! After a hiatus of just over two years, it feels like the right time to revive my blogging project. As you can see, my final post in December of 2016 marked the end of an era. That era was filled with food, projects, friends, family, joy, and sorrow, and I needed to take a bit of a break. This blog meant so much to me over the years, and while I was sad to put it aside, it was the right step for my life at the time.

Since then, so much has happened! As you can tell by the updated header, I am adding motherhood into the mix of “most frequently discussed topics.” Fun! My husband Jonathan and I had a daughter, Charlotte Ruth, in October 2017. The journey into parenthood has brought with it ALL of the feels…joy, exhaustion, gratitude, creativity, and a new sense of what “balance” means for us. I can’t wait to share this journey with you moving forward.

There will be more to come, but for now, thank you for reading and welcome to a new era of Megoirs!

To catch up, check out the {Start Here} link at the top of the page, follow me on instagram, or click on a favorite tag to start digging in. Might I suggest “fixer upper,” “food,” or “photography?”

Blogging Blah Blah, Life As I Know It

A Bit of Bloggers Block

I still laugh at myself when I remember that when I began this blog, I FULLY intended to produce incredibly deep and well-planned prose about life, faith, relationships, and even a few pieces of poetry from time to time. There were a few fundamental issues with this:

1. There are a bazillion blogs out there. Very few become successful without photographs and other visually-pleasing touches.

2. Not only am I not an entrancing writer, but I quickly discovered I actually didn’t have all that much to say.

3. No one cares.

And so, the blog became a personal journal of crafts, food, photos, and my life. Sorry I’m not sorry?

But still, like everyone, I find that I have periods of time where I have nothing creative bubbling in my brain. No fresh stories to tell. No new projects or pretty food. Draughts. And then what? Well, this is probably one reason that I have a mighty but small following.

This week is one of those weeks. The season is changing, and the cold, rainy nights have made us hunker down with football and our puppy and I admit, I have not been terribly creative! I hope to remedy this soon, but in the meantime, I plan to spend the rest of the week re-posting a few of my most popular posts over the last six years. If you’re new, hopefully it seems new to you! If you’re not new, sorry, but at least you will have something pretty to look at!!

What do you do when you get block? Writers block, bloggers block, dinner block, etc…tricks of the trade?

Blogging Blah Blah, Life As I Know It

in the beginning.

Since this week has apparently turned into “let me tell you things you might not know about me because I have no new crafts or food to speak of,” I feel like it’s worth mentioning why I started blogging in the first place.

It was August. I had graduated in May. I was SO BORED with my life. Did you know that in the real world, you must seek out opportunities to become involved with stuff? Like, they aren’t presented to you at every turn and every email? I did not know this at first. I know this now.

Anyway, August. I was bored. I worked, and I hung out with friends, and that was about the extent of it. My coworker friend over at Kate Schmate had this adorable little blog with lots of creative things, and her writing was so entertaining. And I, at 22 years old, thought I had important things to say.

Turns out, at 25, I still don’t have important things to say.

Kate was the only blogger I knew, but I figured it was worth a shot. I started out with lengthy posts about nothing important (unlike my lengthy posts this week…which are very important! to me, anyway). And I was not hilarious (like Kate) or creative (like Kate) and no one read my blog.

Then I said to myself, “self, you like taking pictures. you should add pictures.” Actually, Pops suggested it. But it was a good suggestion, nonetheless.

And now, voila! My blog is no masterpiece, but it has become an essential creative and personal outlet in my life. I love knowing that y’all read it, but quite frankly, I’d love it just as much if mom and dad were the only ones who ever checked in.

If you’re considering starting a blog, do it! Even if you don’t know what to say, it’s BOUND to be better than my first posts. And if you’re really not sure how to start, how about a 101 list?

At the end of the day, none of us say anything new. We don’t reinvent the wheel. We just twist and shape a few things to feel like we’ve made a little footprint on this cyber-world of ours. And we’re all the better for it.

Blogging Blah Blah, Thoughts in the Faith

Inspiration from Nienie Dialogues

After Juju shared this incredible blog with me the other day, I have become addicted. Most of the blogs I read are, indeed, inspirational but hardly any of them are as beautiful and personal as the Nie Nie Dialgoues.


What you need to know:
Nienie, Stephanie Nielson, is a vibrant 28 year-old Mormon wife and mother of four. I’m pretty sure her kids (who have every hair color imaginable) are the most adorable things in the world. She’s been blogging since 2005, and it didn’t take her long to gather quite the following thanks to her beautiful writing, love letters to and from her husband, and stories of motherhood and faith.

A little over a year ago, her and her husband were in a near-fatal plane crash, and Stephanie suffered burns on over 80% of her body, while her husband suffered burns on 30%. While she was in a medically induced coma, her sisters took care of her children and updated her blogging community regarding Stephanie’s condition.

Since recovering well enough to right, Nienie has begun to blog again, constantly refering to the day to day struggles she faces, continual surgeries, and yet joys of her family, life, and God. Her face has changed a little, but her loving heart and faith has only gotten stronger. It is a rare thing that someone is so willing to share these sort of experiences with complete strangers.

Recently, to celebrate the one year anniversary since her accident, Nienie and Mr. Nielson climbed a local mountain.  Her incredible endurance and their incredible love for each other is truly a God send to all her know her (and those who don’t!) as they learn about her life.

If you read Nienie Dialogues, I highly recommend you dig into the archives and start a couple years ago. It’s amazing book you won’t be able to put down.

Blogging Blah Blah, Wistfully Whimsical Wishlist

{Megster Meter} Likes

I’m so glad that Kate challenged me and a few others to name our five favorite things right now. But man, this was tough! I love so many things that I see every day. So here are a few of my favorites today.

And how about I pass the challenge on? Katy, Christine, and Ashley, what are your five favorite things right now? How about you, Kaleigh?  And anyone else–what do you just LOVE?

1. Eclectic Shaped Wooden Pinboard from Pottery Barn, (on sale right now for $59.99).


2. Dresses from Anthropologie (if only they were less expensive). My two picks: Storm-of-Shapes and Bold Boutonniere.


3. Necklaces from RachelleD on Etsy ($27+). I love every single one, but this might be my favorite: Autumn Foliage Bliss


4. Inspiration Boards at Style Me Pretty. Particularly, this one:


5. Gorgeous cake pedestals from Rosanna.


Um, let me shout out a big old “YES PLEASE!!!!” to all of the items above.  How happy looking at them all make me feel!

Bonus number 6: I just have to include these great hair accessories from Banana!  Yum!