State Cookies + Archie Griffin


Sometimes, you just feel like making cookies from scratch. And you have cookie cutters to represent the states you live in. And so you make state-shaped cookies from scratch.


I tried a new recipe – the hubs didn’t love it, but I did! Whenever you are rolling out dough and using cookie cutters, you need to make sure you are using a recipe that won’t rise or puff up at all, because that would jeopardize your shapes. They are already going to look a little wonky – don’t make it worse!


I used this VERY simple recipe from Nestle. I ended up drizzling chocolate on them to make them a little extra sweet, but you could also ice them as they show on their website.


OKAY BUT THEN our department of about 50 people were planning our “Celebrate Archie” day, as Archie prepares for a job transition, which included an Archie “trivia” game with our staff…


And then an ice cream social, with these adorable balloons…IMG_7834 IMG_7838

And I thought, I SHOULD MAKE OHIO COOKIES! So I made these…some Vanilla Almond cookies with a football cookie cutter, and some of the afore mentioned chocolate chip cookies shaped like Ohio, and with a little extra chocolate love. Also I made a LOT more than six, but I forgot to take a photo, and this is what was left near the end…


I think he liked them! I’ll miss seeing this face around the building everyday…IMG_7841

Columbus Adventures, Life As I Know It

A sportsy weekend indeed

This weekend was full of fun sporting events. With the weather being cold and dreary, it felt extra great to have lots of fun plans!!

The NHL All Star Game was in Columbus this year – how perfect!! While we did not go to the game itself, we did go to the expo Friday night. This included meeting & and getting an autograph from Predator’s rookie Filip Forsberg, a quick picture with Gnash, and of course a photo-opp with the Stanley Cup. Next year, this all takes place in Nashville, and YES I’ve already promised the hubby that we will go. (Side note: Hubby is a HUGE Nashville Predators fan.)





The National Championship Celebration at the Shoe. I mean, when you win an undisputed national title and all that, there is bound to be a celebration. Since I work with the Alumni Association at Ohio State, the hubs and I got to sit with a few other staffers and Archie Griffin up in the Alumni Association suite. It was SO COLD OUT so honestly, we probably wouldn’t have gone if not for the suite. But we went! And this guy got to meet THAT GUY.

photo 2

photo 1

Indiana vs. Ohio State Basketball. I actually didn’t think Ohio State would win this one – at least not by much – but they pulled it off. Again, we got to go through my work, and sit at the club level of the Schottenstein (which has as pretty darn good food selection, I might add).

IMG_7503 (1)

All in all, a fun, busy weekend!