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dresses {MM likes}

Happy Friday everyone! I stumbled on a few anthropologie dresses that are...*gasp*...on SALE! While this is a rare occurence, and I am definitely in need of a few new summer dresses, I probably still can't justify buying these quite yet. But still, no harm in virtually window shopping... Paraiso Dress...$79.95 Annona Dress...$79.95 Canopy Lookout Dress...$69.95… Continue reading dresses {MM likes}

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{Megster Meter} Likes

I'm so glad that Kate challenged me and a few others to name our five favorite things right now. But man, this was tough! I love so many things that I see every day. So here are a few of my favorites today. And how about I pass the challenge on? Katy, Christine, and Ashley,… Continue reading {Megster Meter} Likes