Second Wedding Anniversary


Today is the day! Two years since THE BIG DAY. What a day it was, with friends gathered and hashtagging away, and families celebrating their new link to each other. While the last year didn’t bring as much change as the first, I have a feeling that yet again, we have a lot of change on the horizon. Seems like “lots of changes” may end up being an every-other-year theme for us… My “gifts of cotton” were not as creative as last year’s “gifts of paper,” (think: nice clothes from Banana Republic), but hey, we can’t all be awesome year over year, right?


Everyone says that marriage is hard. But here’s the thing you guys…I don’t think it’s so much that marriage is hard as it is that LIFE is hard. LIFE is really nutty sometimes! It’s stressful, it’s nerve wracking. People get sick and pass away. Relationships of all kinds ebb and flow. Jobs change. Money sucks. NO TWO PEOPLE see things exactly the same way, whether it’s parent and child, roommate and roommate, or husband and wife.



And sometimes, you’re all like, “bye felicia.”

But isn’t that true of EVERY relationship? Marriage is special, though, because it’s a choice. I’ve chosen to go through all of that stuff WITH YOU. And because of that, no matter how much the years go up and down, neither of us are going anywhere.


So happy anniversary to the one I love! Two years looks good on you.



Yeah, I made a paper chain…

Last year for our belated honeymoon, Jonathan and I took THE MOST AMAZING TRIP to Negril, Jamaica. We loved everything about it, and while part of me feels like maybe we should try other resorts down the road, a much larger part of me just wants to go back here every time we can.IMG_7107

Recently, something beyond exciting has happened. WE BOOKED ANOTHER TRIP TO JAMAICA! And the other night, I felt so moved to create a paper chain countdown out of old magazines to tick away the days until our trip. I’m a nerd. I was procrastinating. I really wanted to do this.

And this time with our friends, John and Lindsey. We will be celebrating a few fun things while there:

1. Jonathan’s 30th birthday

2. Jonathan graduating from grad school

3. Lindsey being accepted to grad school

4. John and Lindsey’s first wedding anniversary

5. Jonathan’s and my second wedding anniversary

6. Hopefully a job for Jonathan?!

Basically, me and John (Lindsey’s husband) are going to be all like “congrats to you guys!” and sitting at the “I don’t have anything to celebrate but my wedding anniversary” table, but it’s allllll good. I cannot wait to share this place with them. The boys can golf. Lindsey and I can lounge and yoga. We all drink the most amazing smoothies anyone has ever had anywhere in any life.

Just 111 more days to go!!

A Lovely Little Story About Cake


Our wedding cake was AWESOME. It was from the hubster’s favorite bakery in Nashville, Sweet and Sassy. Biggest layer was chocolate, middle was strawberry (hubster’s absolute favorite), and the top was almond. And you just cannot beat their buttercream. YUM TIMES A MILLION.

Well, we didn’t save our wedding top (we surprised our family the night after the wedding by showing up with it at the restaurant where they were all having diner). So I tried to think of a million different ways I could have Sweet and Sassy make us a strawberry cake and get it to Columbus without my husband knowing. I couldn’t think of a way, so I decided to make him a strawberry cake instead. It turned out so-so (more on this later), but hey, I tried.

When I went to pick him up at the airport the night before our anniversary (he’s in Nashville for a summer internship) he walked out of the airport with a cake box!! Not only had he had them make us a strawberry cake, but he had them decorate it just like our wedding cake, and then he FLEW with it. I mean, that is love. Sweet, delicious love.

photo 1 (3)

Gifts of Paper {First Anniversary}

I LOVE gift giving. Like, really really love it. Maybe it’s because I have incredibly thoughtful parents who still send me occasional packages out of the blue. Or the fact that I pride myself on making some notes throughout the year of gift ideas for my people, and love the look of surprise when they receive a gift that they had forgotten they want. Or maybe it’s just that I buy people gifts that I would want myself, and it turns out they love it too!

That said, every lady out there knows that buying gifts for the men in your life is usually the most challenging shopping you’ll do. Whenever the hubster wants to get me a gift, he knows to turn to my pinterest boards or my amazon wish list, and he is sure not to disappoint. But me, well…knowing our first anniversary was approaching, I spent a lot of time toying with the idea of paper (because I kind of love the traditional yearly anniversary themes), and eventually came up with a few ideas that my husband loved. I found this awesome print of a 1949 Nashville Blueprint on Etsy, purchased this pretty white frame from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and ordered a set of personalized flat notecards from The Stationary Studio. My hope is that as he finishes grad school and begins job interviews, he can use these for his thank you notes. And hopefully this map will land in his office one day when he is officially a city planner, and he can always think of our first anniversary!

photo 1

I had a few other ideas along the way too, so if you’re trying to think of some paper-themed gifts for your man, here’s my little list…

paper gifts1. Maps – Maybe it’s just Hubster, but he LOVES all things maps. And considering he is studying to be a city planner, and he calls Nashville home, the blueprint was an obvious find. But you could really do ANY cool map. Definitely peruse etsy or a cool map shop, like Metsker Maps in Seattle.

2. Stationary – It’s practical, but I don’t think you realize how much you need it until you have it. It feels good to be able to write that thank you note on a solid piece of paper with your name on it!

3. Tickets – concerts, beer tastings, museums, airplanes…almost everything has a ticket. Buy some!

4. Photography – It is so inexpensive to get large photos printed these days. Go shoot some shots of his favorite place (Wrigley Field, anyone?) or your family pet. Whatever it is, make it personal, and blow it up big. You can also get a calendar made of your favorite photos on shutterfly and other similar websites. The hubster did this for me and I love it!!

5. Instabook – And speaking of printing photos, how about an Instabook? A super fun way to surprise your honey with something a little sentimental.

6. Books – Does your hubby like to read? Even just a little? Get him a book about a favorite topic (or of maps!) or find a new novel. You both have to read Unbroken if you haven’t already. (And if you happen to be a man on here looking for a gift for your lady, I highly recommend Wild. She will love it!

7. Gift certificate – Like tickets, you can pretty much get a gift certificate for anything. A groupon for a fun new class together? A massage? Bass pro shop? You know your man best. You got this.

8. Invitation – Plan a super fun date day or night, and then create a fun invitation to give him.

9. Magazine subscription – An oldy but a goody. Pick out something fun he wouldn’t usually splurge on.

10. A love letter – Because really, who doesn’t love hearing how awesome they are.

Or, you can always go with my husband’s method: tell your spouse that you will print off gift receipts for your what you bought and give them those as the “paper.” ACTUALLY though, he gave me several gifts, and one of the BEST was that he completely cleaned and organized our office while I was at work one morning. So this was the gift of getting rid of SO MUCH PAPER and it made wifey SO HAPPY!!


Marriage & Change {Obligatory One Year Wedding Anniversary Post}


I don’t even know where to begin to write about our first year of marriage. What a whirlwind it’s been! And while I think we are better for it, I still don’t really recommend making a million life changes at one time. In the last year-ish, we:

Quit our jobs

I got a new job

Got married

Nashville 2

Had a second reception

Husband started grad school 

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 9.58.48 PM

Moved to a new state

photo (14)

Met new people

Got a puppy



Survived the worst winter ever ever ever

Our Columbus Adventures have been many.

And now, as we are spending a bit of the summer apart while the hubster works at an AWESOME internship, I actually finally feel a little bit more settled in. And I say settled in and not settled down becuase I still feel far from that. Big difference in those two little words.

As much as we’ve settled, there is still so much unknown about the future…which is really a silly thing to say in the first place because who DOES know exactly what the future will bring?? Um, no one. Except God, obvi. But still, our plans for our careers and future home are still kind of giant question marks. But that’s okay. We have had incredible lessons this year about not only trusting each other, but trusting the big plan. God knows what’s up. He’s gotten us this far!

While the year was a little rocky with our many adjustments, I can truly say (cheese and all) that our relationship has come out on the other end for the better. And with many years ahead, I can only imagine how much better it will continue to get. Marriage is hard. Change is hard. But both are also so joyous and exciting and challenging in the absolute best ways. Marriage and change both make you a better person.

So enough cheeseballs for now. I’m sure you’ll hear more about them after we finally go on our delayed honeymoon in August… That post will be full of cheesy grins, sunsets, adult beverages, and beaches. Get ready.

Well one last cheeseball:


Three Years Since the BEGINNING

Last night, Jonathan and I had a mini-celebration in honor of our first date, which was January 14, 2011. First of all, I can’t believe that 2011 was three years ago. Second, I can’t believe how long we’ve been together. On one hand, it has flown by. But on the other hand, I feel like we’ve always known each other.

So much has happened in three years. Our first year together, I got a new job and finished grad school. Our second year together, we got engaged. Our third year together, we got married, moved, quit our jobs, started new jobs / grad school, and got a puppy. PHEW. All along the way, we have traveled, made new friends, learned about each other, and formed the foundation of a lifelong partnership.

First picture: A few weeks after our first date (1.14.11), when the Packers one the SUPERBOWL (2.6.11). (When he wore a cheesehead for me, I knew he was the one.)


A favorite engagement photo (11.10.12):Nashville 2

A favorite wedding photo (6.29.13):


Five Year Blogiversary

It slipped my mind that yesterday marks the five-year mark since I started this blog…hard to believe!

It began becuase I was bored and thought I had something to say to the world. But what it’s really turned into is a public journal. It’s a place for me to share what I’m up to and what’s on my mind, even if it is just me and my family who read it sometimes. At the end of the day, it makes me feel like part of the bigger picture of life.

So through the crafts, the food, the heart breaks, the happies, and all of the personal growth, I have this strange electronic summary of five years of my life. Thank you all for being a part of it!