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We made a show!

I know you are sick of hearing about it, but now that we’ve got one weekend of performances under our belt, it feels like a REAL SHOW and we DID IT.11823014_10207129319052470_8409766406364155295_o

It wasn’t without its hiccups. We didn’t have lights until opening night. Microphones were a little iffy, including the fact that we sometimes heard bits of conversation from on stage / in the house. One of our main characters slipped on fake blood and sprained her ankle and had to do Sunday’s show on crutches.

You read that right. Fake blood. Lots of it. We’ve added mopping between scenes.


Attendance was small, but it’s a small space and it honestly felt perfectly cozy! Most of us play multiple roles throughout the show…It’s how it was written. And honestly, it makes it pretty funny since everyone plays both men and women. You get quite an eclectic cast of characters that way. I play Ruthie/Ned/Young Meredith.

I’m really looking forward to our next performances, since I think we are all having a little more fun with it now. WE FINALLY KNOW OUR LINES so it’s on us now to just have a great time. If you’re in Columbus, come out and see us! Details are here:


Columbus Adventures

Tech Week

Ahhhh, tech week. Ask anyone who has ever been in theater, and they will cringe at those two words. It’s the week before you open. There are lights and costumes and props and microphones and people all in places there never were before. And you weren’t totally confident in your memorization of lines as it was, and now adding on all these pieces?? Yeah. It’s a little rough.

Tech week is stressful, and in community theater, it’s even more fickle. Our lines and our harmonies vanished into thin air. Half of the microphones don’t work…


We have new props, like this twisted-pinterested Bat Baby…


There is general confusion, hubbub, and mess…



Yes you may notice this does not look like a theater. That’s because it’s not – it’s a local office building. But we are in the beginning phase of transforming it…All this and we open on Saturday. So much fun and so little sleep!!

And if you’re in Columbus, PLEASE come see Bat Boy: The Musical so all of this is not in vain!!! 🙂

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Deep Wednesday: Acting Out Life

What are the things you do that people say “I don’t know how you do that! I could never…”? For me, it’s performing: so many people say “How do you get up there and sing and act in front of all those people?” and the truth is, I love it! Sure I get a small flurry of butterflies just before a performance, but getting up there and taking on a new persona–voice, mannerisms, vocab, everything–is far less terrifying than it seems it should be.

What is, in fact, far more terrifying is getting up in front of a crowd of people as myself. Whether it is a presentation for school or work, a piano recital, or a simple speech, my nerves have always gotten the better of me. Even though I am strong in my opinions, good at playing piano, and articulate (usually), I shake and rattle and make mistakes whenever doing something like this–unless I am able to trick my mind into acting mode. In acting mode, my mind believes that I am simply there for entertainment, and therefore I have nothing to worry about (especially if I can turn the scene into a comedy). I guess it is safe to say that I prefer to hide behind a mask in some very common social situations…

And you know what? I think that’s ok. We all have ways of coping with the things that make us scared or nervous. How do you cope?

Life As I Know It

My dream job, at last.

It finally hit me what my absolute dream job is.  Voice acting.  This thought actually first crossed my mind years ago when Tyler’s brother Jeremy (a cartoonist) mentioned that he needed a voice for a button.  He thought I’d do well, but I was in high school and was not in Atlanta, so of course nothing ever came of it.  But ever since then, the possibility has floated around the right side of my brain. 

The drawbacks?  All the same as any other kind of acting–unreliable work, you have to be in LA (or maybe Chicago or NY), you need to study and train, you need to practice, you need an agent, you need to be ready for any audition at any moment, and you need to be prepared to utterly fail all the time.  Sound good?  Yeah I thought so too.

So what is the result if you choose not to go for your dream job because you have other priorities, as well?  I want steadiness.  I want income.  I want a family.  I also think my friends who go for acting are awesome and crazy and I always swear I could never do what they do.  And my excuse for not pursuing acting is generally that it’s such a competative field, and I know my talents fall far below 80% of people auditioning. 

But somehow, voice acting seems a little different.  My roles in the theater that have made people laugh the most have been highlighted with voice characterization.  I have little serious experience or training in it, which makes me feel like I would be at a beginning instead of at the end of failed attempts.

Can I actually do this someday?  Can I train and practice?  Can I audition?  I don’t know.  I guess it all depends on what I’m willing to do to try.  And today, sitting in my office, it seems like an awesome idea that is way less scary as an idea than it would be as a reality.