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Friendship Bracelets

Remember these? I was 110% obsessed with making these when I was were all my friends. This is just what we did...alllll summer. And this weekend, I taught my little sis (from bbbs) how to make them too. In fact, I found the exact same book that I learned them from. I wonder if… Continue reading Friendship Bracelets

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Hostels and Train Stations

Like I mentioned Monday, we stayed in hostels on our recent trip, and rode Amtrak Cascades to go from city to city. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our hostels and train rides! In Portlandia, we stayed in a beautiful home that has been turned into a hostel. In Seattle, we stayed… Continue reading Hostels and Train Stations

12 in 2012, Traveling Chick

Traveling on the Cheap

Well, Jonathan and I have just returned from a very successful week-long trip to the Pacific Northwest! We spent two nights in Portland, two in Seattle, and two in Vancouver - then we went back down to Seattle for our last night before heading to the airport in the morning. We had a great time,… Continue reading Traveling on the Cheap

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A Show At Bluebird {12 in 2012}

Though I have been to one show at the Bluebird before, I would love to go much more often, considering I live so near by. And so, I added the Bluebird to my 12 in 2012 list. On Friday night, after telling me we were going to "a movie," Jonathan surprised me with reservations at… Continue reading A Show At Bluebird {12 in 2012}