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Now is not forever at all…

I don't know where your week is at, but everyone needs some encouragement now and then.  I stumbled on this song on a cd in my car this morning, and it hit me in just the right place.  If you are struggling with anything today, read these lyrics from Jon McLaughlin's song Just Give It… Continue reading Now is not forever at all…

Daily Notes, Words and such

Picture Thursday: Wordle.

BIG thanks to Kate for introducing me to!!  She knows how I do love playing with words, and especially how I love fun creative discoveries! At, you can write or paste in any words you want, and it will generate a great little word cloud.  Then you can have at it and adjust… Continue reading Picture Thursday: Wordle.

Words and such

But To Be The Kisser

To be the kissed --receiving affection, embracing protection-- is to learn love, allowing another to step in and teach, accepting someone to walk at your side securing their joyful gifts for your journey. But to be the kisser --showering affection, offering protection-- is to embody love, taking strides into another's life abandoning yourself to walk… Continue reading But To Be The Kisser

Words and such

A Collection of Dreams and Fantasies (a sestina)

I have dreamed of planning a heist. I know it's crazy, but it's true. We could walk in like the cool guys in the movies do. We'd nail the job, and steal the guard's jacket, and leave the vault an empty space. Or we could fly to outer space. Tell NASA our plan and make… Continue reading A Collection of Dreams and Fantasies (a sestina)