Christmas Wish List

Tis the seeeeeaaaaason!!

Okay so I hope it goes without saying that there is SO MUCH MORE to Christmas than presents. But I really like presents. I like finding the right presents for my loved ones – things they never thought of or that they forgot that they mentioned back in March. I like being creative in choosing something that I believe they will enjoy as much as I would.

Best gift advice I ever got? When in doubt, buy something you love for someone else. They are likely to love it, too!!

And just in case any of my family need a few ideas of fun things I’ve been eyeing, I add a few items to my Amazon Wish List throughout the year, here and there (hint hint, wink wink). Currently, in addition to some makeup, trivets, and a new laptop charger, I have a few fun favorites chilling on my list. Allow me to share…

Puzzles. I’ve always loved them. I recently saw these in a Dr. Oz magazine and just had to add them.

This wallet. I mean, a girl can dream, right?

I have gloves already, yes, including some great fingerless ones my friend Julia made me. But I can’t help but love these sweet little loving ones from BCBG…

And like I said earlier, the practical side of me is lingering, so I have some makeup and fun little knee socks on the list too. What are your must-haves this season? Please share!

Minty Favorites

There are a few colors I’ve been really into, but mint might be the favorite among them. Here are a few of my recent favs! Click each image to be directed to its original page.

First of all, this adorable necklace from Tiny Hands is SCENTED! And, did I mention, adorable? I would wear it forever except then I would probably eat more ice cream than I already do.


Who doesn’t love chevron these days? I’m loving this sweet little dress from Style Gather.


Oh hey, J Crew! I don’t always love your stuff these days, but this belt would go with oh so many things… yes please!

Jcrew Belt

Of course, a tote. I somewhat desperately need one, and this non-neutral from Robert Matthew Fashion would go with just about anything.


Gotta represent my favorite store – the good ol’ Banana. These soft wash shirts are SO COMFORTABLE and I love it in this color. Can you say summer, or what?


Last but not least, I would love this bathing suit from Victoria’s Secret for my delayed honeymoon coming up in August. However, I’m not so sure it would look quite like this on me… mostly because I’m pasty, of course. Not at all because I’m a perfectly normal, curvy size 6…


And that’s a wrap. Do you have a favorite summer color this year?

Thank You via Etsy

I love Etsy. And I LOVE a good thank you note. I just don’t think you can ever say think you enough for the small and large blessings that come your way, whether from a friend, family member, or random-person-who-is-a-blessing-in-your-life.

So it only makes sense that there are a number of sweet thank you cards out on Etsy that I would love to share with you. I just think they are such lovely little pieces of sweetness! Please click on the photos to link to the cards.

This one is for my lovely grammar-nuts out there, especially you English teachers…

And this is just about the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever seen at a wedding reception. What a fabulous and lovely idea!

And because no one, including myself, can get enough kraft paper in their lives these days, this simple embossed invite is sublime.

Finally, a reminder that a thank you note can also come on simply personalized stationary. I love these popsicle notes…

When we truly do something kind, and we really mean it, we rarely expect a thank you. However, whenever I receive a thank you note, I am always so appreciative! In fact, they should really make “thank you for the adorable thank you card” cards. Agreed?

Dresses & Workout Gear {MM Likes}

It’s been a while since I shared with you some of the things I’m absolutely loving right now. And I can pretty much sum it up into two categories: Dresses and Workout Gear.

With summer practically upon us, I’m realizing I need a few more fun a casual dresses to wear around. And maybe some nice ones too. I also realized that my favorite pair of running shorts can not handle the brunt of my workouts all by themselves. So I bring you the looks that make me happy today.

First, dresses. I have yet to watch Mad Men, but I love Banana’s Mad Men collection, especially this pretty little number:

However, I am also on a budget these days. So on the cheaper side of things, Old Navy has a pretty nice looking collection of summer dresses to choose from at much more reasonable prices.

There are some great Maxi dresses, and seeing that I don’t own a single Maxi dress, this could be a good place to start:

Or how about this fun little thing?

I will happily take any or all of those. I also really need a few new pieces of workout gear – after all, aren’t you more motivated when you like what you’re putting on? I’ve been in love with this tank from Lululemon for like, a year now?

And I really love these shorts and tanks from underarmour. I know they are basic…but anything to help me run is a good thing!

That’s about it for now! Sorry it’s not as frilly as some of my other “mm likes” posts, but these are just the things I’m digging for summer! What about you? Any good finds lately?



Working Wish List

Monday will begin a new job! With that new job, I desperately need to do a bit of shopping…for work clothes. I love great, professional clothes but I’m still figuring out what works for my 25- (almost 26-) year-old lifestyle. What does a 20-something professional dress like? Here are some current favorites.

Jackets. I’m learning that a good suit jacket doesn’t HAVE to be the classic look. I love a classic suit – but in the heat of the south in the summer, I just can’t do it. But I am LOVING this suit from Banana. So stylish, feminine, and light.

Shirts that aren’t button downs. I’ve also had in my head that you must wear a collared, button down shirt under suit jackets. False. Look at how great these blouses are from WHBM and Banana.

Dresses. I ALWAYS love dresses. And how gorgeous is this one from WHBM?

Or this one, also from WHBM? A girl can never have too many black dresses, right? All you need is a little jacket to go with it!

And this reminds me…Pencil Skirts. They are my absolute favorite style. Look at this gorgeous creamy color from Banana:

And shoes, of course. I’m sort of tired of the pointed toe – not that they aren’t comfortable, but I managed to DESTROY those pointed toes. So I’m heading toward the sensible heels… I love neutrals right now, like these from Anne Klein.

I ALSO love the idea of a red for winter, and maybe even a yellow to switch things up a little? I’m not good at color!

And so, these are my thoughts. I plan to do a little shopping this weekend, with a focus on jackets and shoes, and maybe shells for under said jackets. Needless to say, my budget cannot buy much WHBM, so if you know great shopping places with lower prices, let me know!

Happy Shopping 🙂

Baking Nerd Alert {mm likes}

While I love perusing dresses and other fashions online, I also (secretly) peruse all sorts of wonderful baking goodies. A few things have risen to the top of my wish list lately…

While this cake pan LOOKS boring, it’s actually a 6-inch pan which, if I owned maybe 3 of them, would let me make skinnier cakes…

Like this one from I Am Baker, for example.

I’m always wanting to make cake pops, even with my little experience. It requires lollipop sticks and candy melts, two things that I think my roomie and I would agree we do NOT want overtaking our pantry.

I’ve talked about it for a while, but I REALLY need a candy thermometer to make my own homemade marshmallows. Soon. Very soon.

Last but not least, and I know this is so random, but I really want a huge cutting board. Like, big enough to set over my stove top and have at it. Maybe something like this one from Fancy.

dresses {MM likes}

Happy Friday everyone! I stumbled on a few anthropologie dresses that are…*gasp*…on SALE! While this is a rare occurence, and I am definitely in need of a few new summer dresses, I probably still can’t justify buying these quite yet. But still, no harm in virtually window shopping…

Paraiso Dress…$79.95

Annona Dress…$79.95

Canopy Lookout Dress…$69.95

And one that’s not on sale, just for fun…

Blooming Goldenrod Dress…$138.00