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East Park Donuts {Nashville}

Yes, Five Daughters is amazing, but I’ve really loved my recent discovery of East Park Donuts in East Nashville. Their menu is awesome and reasonably priced ($12.50 for 1/2 dozen). So far, my favorite is hands-down their Brown Butter Brioche donut OH MAN IT’S SO GOOD.

They also have a few paleo, vegan, keto, and gluten-free options for all of you who need those options. And even some DONUT HOLES HELLO.

If you’re in the area, go check them out!

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One Amazing Caretaker {Nashville Library}

I just have to give a shout out to the incredible woman who watches Charlotte Monday through Friday, week after week – she calls herself MIMI and her home is officially Mimi’s Crib. We recently had the opportunity to celebrate her after she completed the Preschool Literacy Program through the Nashville Library’s Bringing Books to Life program. Charlotte is still a little small for “curriculum,” but the older kids at Mimi’s Crib are already becoming prepared to go to kindergarten one day. We joined another home daycare for pizza, story time, and of course, lots of Mimi snuggles…

Thank you, Mimi! πŸ™‚
Charlotte (left) would only sit still with Mimi…

Mimi, we had such a great time celebrating you at the library. Thanks to you for everything you do to love on these sweet babies every day!

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Tennessee State Museum {Nashville}

Recently, a brand new Tennessee State Museum opened here in Nashville! Growing up as a local, my husband frequently visited the old state museum, and we even went on our lunch hours occasionally to walk around. His love of history – especially TENNESSEE history – adds an extra level of joy to the whole experience.

So last weekend, we took Charlotte to check out the new space! Let me start by saying the whole place was SO well done – the exhibits were beautiful. We did sort of do a “speed race” through them because when the stroller stops, the wiggles start.

As a parent of a toddler though, the best part was the HUGE children’s room. They still plan to add more interactive exhibits here, but right now it has books, blocks, magnets, and story time. Our little one loved roaming across the Tennessee map painted on the floor, and my husband loved telling her about different places in Tennessee.

It was a sweet weekend, and I highly recommend it! It’s free, kid-friendly, and extremely well done!

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The Candle Bar {Nashville}

Over the weekend, a friend and I had a chance for some girlfriend time, so we checked out The Candle Bar here in Nashville. While I believe the “Sips and Strokes” format was the first DIY class that swept the nation, there have since been dozens of businesses started where everyday non-artists can gather and create. The Candle Bar is one such place – a DIY candle class.

This particular business has two permanent locations in Nashville (plus two pop ups in Nashville and Dallas) and is in partnership with Paddywax Candles – a favorite brand of mine worthy of their very own post.

The class is $35 a pop, lasts exactly an hour, and – I would argue – is more than worth it. The candle I made, for example, retails at $28, so I essentially paid an extra $7 to choose my own scent and vessel, hang out with a friend, and break out my rad chemistry skills. Like Sips & Strokes, the class is BYOB if that’s your jam. My partner in crime, Allison, happens to be pregnant right now, so I wasn’t about to make her watch me sip wine, but it’s nice to have that as an option!


Unlike some DIY courses where you have to intently watch the instructor for fear of missing out on something crucial, this class allowed for plenty of chit chat time with your friends. We had plenty of time to browse and select both the vessel and the scent. The instructor then walked us through how to weigh out the scent and wax. And, oh yes, we used the TARE FUNCTION – chemistry flashbacks anyone??

The Candle Bar also has a cute shop as part of their space, and you can make purchases at a 20% off after your class. The candles do need to set up overnight so if you’re local like us, you can come back and pick them up. Otherwise, you can pay $8 to have them shipped home to you.

Overall, we both really enjoyed this experience and highly recommend it!