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Best Hangers Ever + Closet Clean Up

I LOOOOOVE cleaning out my closet. Seriously, I'm a freaky nerd like that. I get the itch to reorganize and toss items every few months or so. A few years back, my mom introduced me to these lovely velvet hangers, purchased from Costco. My goal was always to not need more of them...instead, whenever I… Continue reading Best Hangers Ever + Closet Clean Up

Life As I Know It

The Spelling Bee!

Nerd Alert! The hubs and I watched a few pieces of the National Spelling Bee Championship yesterday, and it was seriously so entertaining. Seeing all these little personalities and how freaking SMART these kids are was incredible, and their little mannerisms and reactions to things were beyond endearing. It wasn't as boring as this yawn… Continue reading The Spelling Bee!

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Going Clear: HBO’s Documentary on Scientology

Over the weekend, we had a free HBO/Showtime/Starz promotion with Direct TV, and you know what that means... record, record, record. We do indeed now have The Truman Show, Contact, and The Shining on our DVR list. You're welcome. We also recorded the documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. We all know that HBO documentaries… Continue reading Going Clear: HBO’s Documentary on Scientology

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Throw Back Thursday: April Edition

I've been feeling nostalgic lately with my trips back to Nashville and with my timehop app bringing up some MAJOR blasts from the past. Not to mention my favorite Buzzfeed yet. But timehop only covers your standard social media does not pull in my past blog posts. And for me, since I began writing… Continue reading Throw Back Thursday: April Edition