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Happy Short-Week Tuesday!

I hope you all had a wonderful, long weekend. My hubs was out of town, so my papa came to visit me from Wisconsin for a M-A-D weekend (Meghan and Dad). We didn’t do anything overly exciting – ran errands, made a few repairs, watched a movie, did some cooking. Sunday night we went out for pizza with a few friends, mostly so he knows that I have friends πŸ™‚ But overall, it is always so nice to just hang out with my parents without an agenda!

Of course, we made a costco trip, where we bought some delicious scallops. Seriously, SO GOOD! Dad cooked them up for us with “fried spaghetti,” and although I don’t want to know how much butter he put it in it, it was entirely delicious.


For another meal, we picked up sausages from Schmidts, and cooked them at home…with our favorite beverage, champagne. This is sadlyΒ awesomely pretty typical for us…


Ryman LOOOVVVED my dad, and was constantly snuggling up to him on the couch. Sorry for the fuzzy iPhone photo.


All in all, it was a relaxing and productive weekend, with beautiful weather. After he left on Monday morning to drive home, I spent the afternoon at a friends…More on that, plus a delicious margarita recipe, tomorrow!


Columbus Adventures

The Book Loft

Over the weekend, I FINALLY made it to The Book Loft – a Columbus must. It boasts 32 endless rooms of books, and is one of the largest independent book stores in the country. I’m seriously going to back sometime by myself and just get lost in some corner reading about some random thing I know nothing about. If you love books, you MUST make this place a destination…






Columbus Adventures

Commencement at THE Ohio State University


Guys, you have never ever seen a commencement so large! Over 11,000 students graduated on Sunday…it took a half an hour just for all of the graduates to file into the stadium and to their seats. Archie gave a great commencement speech, and another wife and I sat up in the boonies getting sufficiently sunburned for about five hours. But I definitely was able to spot my hubby from afar!

About an hour and a half before commencement…everyone still filing into the shoe.
He is somewhere in there…
So many!
There he is, two seconds from getting his diploma... you might not see him but I do!
There he is, two seconds from getting his diploma… you might not see him but I do!

It was amazing to see him go through this process, beginning to end. I feel lucky to have been a part of the journey!

Columbus Adventures

Commencement Weekend!

I cannot BELIEVE it’s been two years since THIS HAPPENED

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 9.58.48 PM

And we moved to Columbus. And now, this weekend, the hubs will graduate from his Master’s program.

As I’ve mentioned on the blog before, we have had SO much happen in two years. We quit jobs, got new jobs, moved, got married, got a dog, got another new job, and now here we go with a big ol’ commencement. I’m really not sure what’s next in the pipeline for us, but I definitely don’t feel worried about it. God has moved each of us from one phase to the next, and He has never given us anything we cannot handle.

Mostly, I am SO PROUD of my hubster and how hard he has worked these two years, and I can’t wait to celebrate him this weekend!

And also, I bought these m&ms… and yes that is his little baby picture on some of them… I know, right?

IMG_7469 (1)

Columbus Adventures

Guys, I’m practically a real bowler.

The other night the hubs and I bowled seven – yes seven – games. Why? Because! Because why not.

Generally, I’m a pretty awful bowler. Senior year of high school, in our joke of a PE class, we had three week “units,” one of which was bowling. Every day for three weeks we got on a school bus and went down the street to the bowling alley we all had our 8th birthday parties at and bowled. It was actually kind of cool – I learned about scoring (some of which I have since forgotten) and our teacher even tried to teach me proper form, so I’d stop bowling the ball as if I was swinging a softball bat, across my body. Good times.


Anyway, the hubs and I have bowled on occasion, but this time he actually helped me focus and improve a bit. And in ONE of our seven games, I scored a 121! Woot!! I’m pretty sure my best ever was a 130-something during that three-week crash course in high school.

Anyway, it was really a fun, chill two hours together. And yes, my hand is still sore and my thumbnail got ripped off as it always does when I bowl. Cheers!


Columbus Adventures

Franklin Park Conservatory

With Katy in town over the weekend, I wanted to do something new in Columbus. I had been told to visit the Franklin Park Conservatory sometime, so it seemed like the right time!

Overall, the conservatory was beautiful. The tulips were still hanging on. I have a fascination with Bonsai trees ever since the hubs and I watched a video on how they are made. And the CHIHULY in this place is AMAZING. That alone was worth the $13 admission. It’s in among the plants throughout the whole place. It’s even sitting on glass plates on the ceilings in some places. Really beautiful. I may or may not be currently rapping/singing in my head… “Chihuly in the ceiliiiiing! Chihuly in the plants! Chihuly in the trees! Chihuly in the tulips!” It doesn’t rhyme but humor me here.

BUT I will say that the current “Butterflies” exhibit was a bit of a disappointment. Maybe they are all dying because it’s near the end, but we really saw like, five butterflies. Nothing like the butterflies Mom and I saw at the Chattanooga Aquarium a few years back.

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Cap City Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon

So remember that one time that I ran a half marathon and I hated training but I loved race day? And I said I’d never do another and then I said maybe I would do another? Well I decided probably I will never do another. For real. But over the weekend I DID complete a Quarter Marathon, which is about 6.6 miles. And for the record, it is MORE than a 10K…it’s like a 10.5K. Or something. Whatever, it was long and plenty of running for me. If I could occasionally challenge myself to a 10K OR quarter marathon, I will feel like a real athlete. Kind of.

Okay so anyway, the race. It was the Cap City Half Marathon / Quarter Marathon / 5K. It was a PERFECT day. Cool at the start but sunny and warm by the end. The race was well organized and a fun route. The announcer at the start line was full of energy, reminding us of “The Golden Beverage of Beer that awaits you at the finish!” Here is a quick photo recap of our race experience:

Overall, I completed the race in 1 hour 12 minutes. And I didn’t walk! I mean, some of that last half mile was a pace so slow it was basically walking, but many millions of thanks to Kelsey who stuck by the whole way and kept me running. I have been training, but running is just SO BORING when you’re alone. So on my longer Saturday runs through my neighborhood, I would often stop to walk because a) running is hard, and again b) running is boring. So I was pleasantly surprised by what my body was capable of. I did not feel fabulous at the finish, but hey, I pushed myself! Go me!

Anyway, if you need a fun race to do in Central Ohio, definitely check this one out next year. Maybe I will see you there!