Columbus Adventures

Commencement at THE Ohio State University

Guys, you have never ever seen a commencement so large! Over 11,000 students graduated on took a half an hour just for all of the graduates to file into the stadium and to their seats. Archie gave a great commencement speech, and another wife and I sat up in the boonies getting sufficiently sunburned… Continue reading Commencement at THE Ohio State University

Columbus Adventures

Franklin Park Conservatory

With Katy in town over the weekend, I wanted to do something new in Columbus. I had been told to visit the Franklin Park Conservatory sometime, so it seemed like the right time! Overall, the conservatory was beautiful. The tulips were still hanging on. I have a fascination with Bonsai trees ever since the hubs… Continue reading Franklin Park Conservatory

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Cap City Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon

So remember that one time that I ran a half marathon and I hated training but I loved race day? And I said I'd never do another and then I said maybe I would do another? Well I decided probably I will never do another. For real. But over the weekend I DID complete a… Continue reading Cap City Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon